Laptop shutting down when the battery reaches 25-30% without warning


Sep 19, 2015
Hi! I bought a new battery because the other battery that this laptop was using before was defected(this laptop was just given to me with a defected battery since 2012)

This new battery that I bought is now 1 week on my laptop but I just noticed that my laptop is shutting down when the battery level reached 25% without notification. I changed the power settings, I did several tries, I repeatedly change the battery low battery level percent, same as the critical battery level and also the reserve battery level. I also did check if the notification for low battery is on, and its on. I don't why on what is happening on my laptop. :(

Its not even overheating also. Sometimes the battery is alive for 2,3, or 4 hours.

Please can somebody help me with my problem? Thanks :)

ps: just a few minutes ago my laptop shutdown at 30%. I don't know what's happening. When I put the charger it turns on but it will be 0%.
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