Laptop stuck in a blue screen and preparing automatic repair loop


Jun 18, 2014
So I have HP Envy x360 m6 convertible laptop that came with window 10 and it suddenly just went to a blue screen now it's in a loop of blue screens (multiple errors) and preparing automatic repairs. I have searched everywhere and there doesn't seem to be anyone else with this problem. I can't go to any recovery options so I'm completely lost and this is stressing me out quite a lot. If anyone has any way to help me I would greatly appreciate it. I am desperate for help right now if any knows anything please help :( Also I can't enter safe mode I've tried power button+F11, f8, shift f8 nothing works. I cannot get onto the computer at all, it keeps going back and forth between blue screens and preparing automatic repair loop.


Jun 18, 2014

I created the windows 10 bootable USB and when I put it in during it was preparing automatic repairs everything worked normally and I could get into my laptop then it just crashed again. [strike]Then using the second guide you provided I got to the BIOS setup but not quite sure what to do on step 3 "Configure the BIOS settings with the CD/DVD as the first boot device." I have the option to BIOS update if that's what it mean and clicking on that leads me to the USB and clicking on it just leads me to more stuff inside the USB, so I don't know how to reset windows 10 right now. [/strike] So I found the right BIOS settings and I followed each steps and when I restart my PC after saving the BIOS settings I just have the same problems again except it gives me the option to press ESC for startup menu. After clicking that each options just keeps leading me to blue screen completely lost right now. I managed to boot the USB and got the windows 10 logo to show up with a black screen then it's followed by a blue screen error and now I'm back to the HP logo and preparing automatic repairs.


Mar 9, 2016

The way I fixed this problem ( to me it happened on windows 10) is that i used a bootable usb stick with "DBAN". DBAN (Darik's Boot and Nuke) is like an OS with which you can erase your hard drives. I used DBAN to erase my hard drive clean and then used a bootable Windows 10 usb stick to reinstall Windows. This will erase everything on your computer...but it works. I had no choice, I have tried everything to recover my Windows but with no success before this. Hope this helps.
I have done this on a Lenovo Ideapad 100 15IBD
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