Laptop stuck mid-factory reset, afterwards the laptop repeatedly turns on, displaying logo then turning off.


Oct 20, 2016
Recently I bought an MSI GL62 6QD Laptop running Windows10 to replace an older laptop I had; The laptop was bloated with trial-apps etc. installed by the manufacturers so I decided to remove all the junk and follow it up with a quick factory reset.

As it updated I noticed that it had been stuck on 9% for an hour or so, I tried to force it to boot up. To my success I booted it up, however it turned off... then on, off then on, displaying the MSI logo for around 10 seconds.
I've got myself stuck in a loop of booting up and down and I've not been able to find any solution so far.
I haven't tried anything too large-scale to attempt any fixing, I thought it best to come here before tampering with internals and such,

Prior to all this, the cooling fans were running maximum despite nothing was happening and hot air was coming from the vent (overheating?), if that is worth noting.

If anyone has a solution I would be very grateful.
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