Laptop turns off when closing the lid, turning it on again and the battery is depleted


Feb 28, 2015
I have an ASUS N56JN-DB71-CA and like the title says, a lot of the time when I close the laptop lid for the night (and battery is 100%), when I open it again it is turned off, however when I turn back on again the battery is just about dead, I've already configured the setting for what I want closing the lid to do, but it doesn't help. If anyone can help me that would be great I'd really appreciate it!

Thank you!
What is it configured to do when you close the lid, sleep, hibernate, or shut down? I recommend shutting down if you will not be using it for more than an hour. Even while sleeping or hibernating the unit is still drawing power and the cpu is still powering cores, even if in a reduced state. Over the long term this can result in dead battery cells. Complete depletion of the battery, repeatedly, is a sure fire way to ruin it quickly.

At the least, leave it plugged in overnight if you're going to allow it to sleep or hibernate, so the battery isn't constantly depleting. Make sure the unit is actually doing what you want it to do, by opening the lid after closing it. If the screen is immediately available, it's not actually going to sleep/hibernation, and keep in mind, hibernation is a huge failure and almost nobody with a handful of technical knowledge uses it because it rarely works. Sleep, with specific advanced power settings for the sleep, is the better option if you want to go that way. I highly recommend shutting the unit down overnight though as well as keeping in plugged in anytime it's not inconvenient to do so.