laptop turns on for 1 min and shuts down after disassembly


Jan 24, 2017
Hai I opened my brothers laptop to clean it. I thought I would do something wrong so I assembled everything carefully.I am sure I have not done any mistake. When I am trying to turn on the fan is rotating for 1 min and shutting down every time.Screen did not turn on not even for a sec . I checked 2 more times this assembling process . I sure nothing was done wrong. So plz help me to fix it


Jan 24, 2017
Question from Manasa1995 : "laptop turns on for 1 min and shuts down after disassembly"

My laptop model is lenovo z580 .
As I mentioned earlier my problem .
I opened only hard disk, CD drive and keyboard I have not done any thing more than that .the connections the I removed are keyboard connections and placed them back
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