Laptop WiFi repeatedly disconnects, but only on one network

Apr 19, 2018
Hi, my laptop (win 10) constantly disconnects from WiFi. I would be using it normally and every hour or two, sometimes even after a few minutes it will disconnect from WiFi. I get the red cross on WiFi sign, no connections are available. I have to troubleshoot it, which restarts my laptops network adaptor and then its fine until next time. The strange thing is, this only happens at home. I use my laptop for personal stuff at work, same internet provider, but at work everything is fine! No disconnections or anything for days! Btw, we do not have any problems with any other device at home (phones, tower, TV)... My laptop is the only one and does that only at home. I tried resetting network setting, it doesn't work. Please help :|
Apr 19, 2018

Thanks, I'll definitely check it out and try it when I'm at home. Though, I don't think it will help, as we (only 2 people) live in a small apartment and this happens whether I am home alone or not, any other WiFi using device is on or not. Usually I'm alone, only laptop and my phone is on and I still get cut off. There are no circumstances to WHEN I get cut off. From what I see it's absolutely random and a total mystery :| Oh and we did change the router in September to a new one, when we got a TV, but the problems started only in December...
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