Laptop wifi signal strength is so low it sometimes will disconnect with my home connection


Mar 7, 2017
Ive been working on my older laptop (about 4 years old) and recently transfer the screen brackets from another (older) model to my laptop. Its an HP pavilion 15. I got everything back together looking nice and then noticed that whenever I tried going online, my wifi would get disconnected and would re-connect but would not bring up a website. I concluded that from my taking it apart, I did not put the wifi antenna back up at the top of the screen like it was before and thought that would solve the issue. Well, it hasn’t. Everything is exactly where it was before my laptop cover replacement and I can't figure out why I have such poor signal strength. Nothing has changed but this laptop’s cover. I've performed network trouble shooters, some advice from youtube, but nothing seems to get that signal strength bar back up to 4-5 bars. I placed two of my laptops side by side and opened their available network views and one showed many networks in range, while the one I am working on showed only one and with poor signal strength. Any help or advice would be appreciated.


Jun 27, 2015
Any chance the screen brackets are shielding the antenna from getting a decent signal? Did the old laptop have its antenna in a different spot that wouldn't have been affected by it?


Feb 22, 2017

I ran the cords for the antenna through the designated wire "paths" that keep it all organized... And the antenna ends are right in the same spot where they were on the plastic cover before.
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