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Laptop will not boot into windows 8 after installing new RAM


May 1, 2014
I just installed some new ram and when I try to start my laptop up it goes up to the Windows logo and then goes to a black screen. Fron there the laptop restarts and goes through the same process. I went inti the bios and it detects the new RAM. I ran a memory test and it says there's no problems with the memory but it just won't boot into windows.


Aug 25, 2014
Try removing the new RAM and see if the system will boot. Did you make sure to install the correct RAM. Some laptops require 1.5v and some 1.65v RAM modules. You can put a 1.65v in a computer that runs at 1.5v, but not the other way around.



Can you not read? Do you not see I already asked for the model number of the RAM so we can determine if it's correct for the laptop model? Be patient. The OP will let us know when he reads the post and then we can club him over the head with our information. Heh.
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