Laptop won't stop overheating after trying everything


May 4, 2014
Greetings everyone.
I have been trying to find the solution to a problem for more than 2 months now and after failing every single idea i had, i desided to ask for help here.
So here is the thing:

At first, i noticed that my Laptop PC overheated when playing games. To be sure, i downloaded coreTemp and found out that my cores were running at about 85-100 degrees when in games. Consider that i had never faced this problem again on this pc while playing the same games in the same or in higher video settings.
The first thing i did was to clean up everything. I cleaned the heatsink, and the whole cooling system between the CPU and the Graphics Card. After it was really clean, i applied new thermal paste and tried to see if the problem was fixed. But everything was exactly the same.
After a lot of software modifications and thoughts and a new clean up, i dicided to format the pc and reinstall windows 7 but guess what.. That didnt fixed it either.
So now i really have nothing left in my mind to try and my pc keeps being overheated with the fun spining at full speed very often and the cpu temperature still hitting 100 degrees when in games.
My pc in now 2 years old and its specs are:

Cpu - Intel core i5 -240M 2.50 GHz
Memory - 6GB DDR3
Gpu - GeForce GT 630M
Operating System - Windows 7 Ultimate

* All the software drivers i need are installed
* The laptop is not close to heating devices and there is enough space under it for it to breath
* Non of the hardware inside the PC is damaged or not functioning as far as i can see

I would really appreciate any kind of help.
Thank you for your time !


May 4, 2014
But the thing is that i never had this problem on this pc before so something must have changed. I dont want to find an alternative solution just for making it a little bit better.
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