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    Quality lowered after repair

    Hi. My laptop three weeks ago was having trouble with frame rates, any game I ran was unplayable because the frame rate was so low. When the laptop was well it ran most games very smoothly on high settings (Overwatch), or even on medium (Witcher 3). I tried everything I could to solve the fps...
  2. T

    Vizio TV Aspect Ratios

    I recently replaced our bedroom TV with a Vizio 32 inch model. It was rated higher than most of the others and seemed good for the price. Setup was easy, and resolution was great. However... No matter how I set the aspect ratio, it still looks distorted. Either the people on screen look 4 feet...
  3. T

    Stream Settings Based On My Internet Connection

    Hi! I was thinking about start streaming, but my problem is that I don't no what video settings should I use. My PC is quite good enough, so the problem stands for the internet connection. Download: 12,5-13 Mbps Upload: ~850 kbps What bitrate, video quality, etc... should i use? Thanks.
  4. G

    Samsung TV Settings Guide: What to Enable, Disable and Tweak

    Learn your way around Samsung's smart TV menus while getting your new 4K TV set up just how you want it. Samsung TV Settings Guide: What to Enable, Disable and Tweak : Read more
  5. S

    Dota2 fps problem

    Normally i used to play dota2 with 60-80 fps but suddenly some few days back, my fps dropped itself to 10-15..i tried uninstalling and reinstalling it too..but its still the my dota 2 lobby is also kind of laggy....i even tried lowering my video settings but its still the
  6. K

    Solved! Cable Settings on Element TV

    I hooked up the TV and Cable adapter box which normally gives us 72 channels and now only gets one. I have changed all the settings under the Cable settings option and still only one channel. I have done a channel scan on all the different settings. The picture is dark and color way off and...
  7. K

    Nvidia Control panel settings for GTX960m? (MSI GE62 2QD) (Performance Issues)

    Hello! I've been having some major performance issues recently with my laptop (Ever since I started using Nvidia GeForce Experience to "Optimize" my games) (I am now getting barely 60fps in cs:go no matter what in game settings I use, and very low fps in other games, even though I have nothing...
  8. Can You Help Me Please

    What Is The Best Video Encoder And Output Settings I Can Use Using Logo Remove Now!

    I just purchased Logo Remove Now! It works fairly well I must say. The only problem the original MP4 that has now been converted quality is sort of pixelated. I have options to output it MP4, MKV, WMV and Divx, Xvid, and X264 to encode it. I am using Nvidia GTX 560 Ti. Should I download more...
  9. J

    I have and Xbox one, what are best video settings?

    Element TV and Xbox one HDMI compatibility issues
  10. SpeedyINFIDEL

    What to do to update new Lenovo Y50-70?

    So the Lenovo Y50-70 series was on sale and I bought one this last week. Since I've gotten it I've had a number of issues with it. Videos stuttering/freezing, hard drive problems, odd stuff like that. I'm only familiar with the basics when it comes to tech, so does anybody have any suggestions...
  11. Greysonj

    Any advice for a new GoPro user?

    I'm thinking about purchasing a GoPro Hero4 Black for an upcoming vacation (and many vacations after it). I'm planning on using it primarily for underwater footage, with the occasional non-underwater shot. Anyway, what type of equipment should I get to accompany it? I've read about different...
  12. C

    How do I connect a projector through HDMI and over ride the default to play the audio portion through a stereo receiver?

    I am getting audio and video through the projector. I have an Epson Home Cinema 3020 being supplied video through my Dell Laptop. I would like to connect to my Sony stereo receiver, but the default is putting audio to the projector. I do not see output from the projector, so my sense is that...
  13. D

    Laptop For CS:GO & DOTA2 [Med Setting]

    Hi !! I wana Buy a Laptop For Cs:go n Dota 2. Lowest Budget At Possible To Run These: Dota= Med Settings CSgo= Low Settings Any n All Replys Are Appreciated !! Regards,
  14. tomsguideUS

    How to Update your Gender on Facebook Using Android

    If you have created your Facebook profile, it is likely that you have already provided your gender information. In case you have not provided the correct gender information, wish to change it, or if you have filled the Gender field of your Facebook profile incorrectly by accident, you can...
  15. S

    Sony Vegas Pro 12 Rendered Video Lagging Every Few Seconds! (Dropping frames..HELP!)

    Hey guys! Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I've asked everywhere and got no answers... I thought this forum, being the place where I get most of my valuable information from... could help :) Like the title says.. every time I try to render this particular project, the frames on the...
  16. W

    AMD CCC Keeps Crashing

    I have been trying to get Dayz SA to run with crossfire. I found something that seems to be the solution for many others. I added Dayz.exe to the 3D Application Settings and when i go to the bottom and try to change what crossfire mode i want to use, CCC just crashes. Any ideas on how to fix...
  17. C

    Video Player: PotPlayer or MPC-HC

    Hello Everyone! I understand that this forum site is all about hardwares. But my question is about software, so I apologize. But I'm sure a lot of you knows how to setup Video Player + LAV Filter + MadVR. So my question is: What is the best video player to use for this setup? Potplayer or...
  18. D

    Laptop won't stop overheating after trying everything

    Greetings everyone. I have been trying to find the solution to a problem for more than 2 months now and after failing every single idea i had, i desided to ask for help here. So here is the thing: At first, i noticed that my Laptop PC overheated when playing games. To be sure, i downloaded...
  19. I

    I think I'm going to buy a Lenovo y410p, but...

    Hello. I think I'm going to buy a lenovo y410p. It looks pretty well, and I watched some videos and I like it. My questions are: -Will the NVIDIA GT 750M play newest games? In which settings? -When shoul I buy it? Are there sales on January? -Do you recommend me this laptop? -I heard...
  20. I

    So, I am looking for a...

    Hello, people. I'm looking for a new gaming laptop. I can afford $800-$820 (about €600). I know I won't get the "best of the market", but I cannot afford more... Well, I'm going to tell you the games I would play with the laptop. I'd like to play them at maximum video settings, if possible. Or...
  21. L

    Gaming laptop help

    Can someone give me a suggestion for a good gaming laptop that can run games like arma 3 and skyrim at highest video settings for under $1500 any help appreciated
  22. R

    Mitsubishi 65" dlp

    I have a 65" dlp mitsubishi tv and when i turned it on today the color was gone.. I went into the menu, video settings and switched the mode from high to medium and back to high and the color came back. Is this a sign of more problems to come?