Mitsubishi 65" dlp


Jun 30, 2011
I have a 65" dlp mitsubishi tv and when i turned it on today the color was gone.. I went into the menu, video settings and switched the mode from high to medium and back to high and the color came back. Is this a sign of more problems to come?


Oct 15, 2007
i dont know exactly what is wrong with it.
but i do have some ideas.

maybe the memory chip is going bad.. and whatever data it had previously stored went corrupt, and the television simply refused to playback what data it was told.
switching around the color presets re-established the data from a corrupt state.
whatever reads that data then said 'okay.. i have those words in my dictionary, lets go'
maybe whatever reads the data said 'i can try those words' and whatever is supposed to be trying to recreate it failed (or came up short) and a failsafe was tripped.

a sign of more problems to come?
inevitably yes, as many electrical hardware is not going to last forever.
how soon will it be?
i am not knowledgeable enough to answer that.

i dont know if it was the memory chip holding color information, or if it was something else.
i mean, the crt gun continued to work.. and that means there is a good chance that the color was simply removed from being sent to the crt.
maybe there is some color control module for the crt that has aged.

can memory chips continue to function after they have seen corrupted data?
yes they can.
depends on how the data was corrupted, and if there is a new space for the data to be stored.

an expert of the television would need to know what model, and what revision, to know what is wrong and how long it can hold out.
if i were you.. i would expect the thing to be dead in 6 - 12 months.
doesnt mean mitsubishi is the same as other electronics.
but if there is a problem shown, three things can happen:
1. things stay the same and something slowly dies
2. things get worse as time goes on
3. things get better as time goes on

seems like number 1 and number 2 prove to be a 75% reason that the television should be brought in for repair.
if you do it now or wait is up to you.
sometimes if you wait, the problem is easier to find.
sometimes if you wait, the problem is hard to find.

waiting can make the repair cost more, and this usually proves to be true.. unless the other pieces inside have gone from grade-A quality to grade-B quality.. but are expected to last a lot longer while in grade-B mode.
see, when things downgrade themselves.. there is usually always something that gets in the way because it doesnt downgrade itself at the same time.
but most of the time, anything of electronics is usually 90% functioning and only needs 10% of it fixed.

but if you read closely at what i said, sometimes it could be 98% - 99% functioning and only needs 1% or 2% fixed.

must know the television from the inside out.. and that means you wouldnt be here asking questions :lol:

you could ask the electrical repair person with experience.
they would be able to tell you if it is better to wait or bring it in right away.
because what can happen is..
if you make a patch without replacing everything that needs patched.. then it will break again.
wont know unless you have made the mistake before, or if you have been told from somebody else that has the experience.

i am a dumb consumer.. and i say it is a 50/50 gamble.
i wouldnt expect the television to get any better after something breaks.
i mean, if it worked good when you bought it.. then that is what you should be aiming for.
to say it wasnt good enough when you bought it, then you should have bought something else.

it wouldnt suprise me if the electronic pieces shifted gears and perform differently.
but if they do perform differently, obviously some pieces need to change to complete the circle and make it solid again.

this can get confusing and/or frustrating.
that is why many of the electrical repair shops change the whole board.
it could be because they have an agreement to do exactly that.
it could be because they cant find the exact problem.
it could be because they cant find the value of the piece that needs replacement because there isnt any values written on the piece.. only some numbers for identification.
it could be because they dont know what value is needed to bring the circuit back to life.
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