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LaserDisc Database v1.2


No Newsletter for quite a long time because the new version (based on
PHP classes) took longer than expected to complete, because of various
vacation and health problems. But eventually 80% of the things I wanted
to put in the update made their way.

Lots of small/medium things, redesign of some pages (see history change
below) and tiny new improvements requested by users. I hope you'll like
the new Collection/Wishlist interface.

Current status (updated 2005-09-08)

Collections will soon reach 75,000
Wishlists passed 4,700

Some stats since April, 7th:

Users 1116 (+ 21.8%)
Titles 39246 (+ 4.46%)
IMDb (+ 24.1%) -> More than 9000 unique!
Collections 73805 (+ 25.0%)
Wishlists 4755 (+ 9.64%)
Covers 3927 (+ 27.0%)

History for v1.2 (including v1.1.5)

o Rewrote the feedbacks code to allow more flexibility (no more
recomputing at each display).

o It was possible to add to Collection/Wishlist cancelled titles. This
was removed as well as cancelled titles currently in Collections (5)
or Wishlists (3).

o Added new "collection" definition to try to rebuild some Japanese
sets released under the same banner such as Pioneer's Pick Me Up
- LD 100 Selection or Laserdisc Digital Selection.

o Refined the Order Tracking (Pending/Closed/All) with more sorting
options and navigation split for Buyer/Seller/Admin.

o Fixed an old HTML bug in the Shops that caused useless extra

o Frozen account will now get automated Email to inform them of the

o Global Shop updated to match User Shops design (Search Box, etc.).

o Modified some sections to generate more hits on Google...

o Fixed a tiny cosmetic bug when "Show Controls" was pushed.

o Replaced the O/X (Select None/All) push letters with a much nicer
unique checkbox control.

o At last! Now it's possible to input several times the same title in
Collection and add a custom note (40 chars max)!

o It then became possible to "duplicate" a title in Collection
directly from the list (see "Show Update").

o Quick Search modified to allow search by exact reference (no
wildchars) or IMDb as a shortcut.

o Now the search by "Author" also lists titles where Additional
Information was provided (regardless of the current title owner).

o Advanced Search was missing a search on "Additional Information"!
Try 'David Mallet' for example.

o Top 100 for Collection and Wishlist will extend beyond 100 results
to fetch also ex-equaos.

o Fixed the navigation [1] [2] etc. that, in some cases, would jump
to stupid offsets.

o Added HDVS (uncompressed Hi-Vision) list and display with specific

o Bulk upload batch is now limited to 100 titles at a time to avoid
execution timeout.

o Replaced all "LD+G" with correct "LD-G" title (as opposed to

o Added TELETEXT logo.

o Added National Geographics collection/logo.

o Cross-linking with "Music Video Database" under consideration.

o For Sellers: Added "Sales Report".

o Added possibility to browse Global Shop by country.

o Added a more detailed help on picture ratios.

o Added 15th Anniversary "Thank You!" collection/logo.

o Removed "Sean Connery Collection" (only 2 titles!).

o Top 100's were improved to show Shops Offering automatically.

o Added a funny little pop-up menu in JavaScript/CSS, might help me
get rid of left side menu and save some space on display (fixed
and improved version of free script from JavaScript KIT. Also
added Search Boxes directly in the menus.

o Modified the main INDEX display to put statistics in a smaller

o Modified the way Inventory Update works, to match the Collection
Notes mechanisms.

o Now, an empty UPC/Barcode will show "???", and "none" if there is
actually no UPC/Barcode (use - value for this).

o Setup updates of Shops Inventory to Froogle.

o Added temporary VHD Database support, until enough data motivates
a split to a separate VHD category.

o Redesigned the Wishlist/Collection interface.

o Rewrote the search engine for IMDb from scratch to avoid a MySQL
bug leading to server crash...

o Moved the IMDb information on first submission page and added an
"Expert" mode submission.

o Upgraded JPGraph from 1.17 to 1.19.

o "About Page" now includes 'preview' button.

o Put the current Universal URL for each page in the bottom bar.

o Modified the User Feedbacks to make them easier to read in one

o Finally unified Lists and Search results in a single PHP Class.
More compact results with IMDB/internal automated linking.
Sorting ascending/descending is not far away now!

o Added PAL+/PAL Plus video mode.

o Empty active Shop will now be considered as closed.

o Added a dozen more Publishers (mainly from Europe).

o Fixed a bug that would cause some selling statistics to be
displayed incorrectly.

o Finally got the dual title/ref and IMDb Cover/Coll/Wish/All/Shop
display right!

Best Regards,

http://LDDb.com/ - LaserDisc Database


Archived from groups: alt.video.laserdisc (More info?)

Fantastic Update Julien.... I would never have believed it could get
better than it was - But it has ;o) Keep up the great work. I visit the
site every day, really useful - I couldn't be without it now.

All the best