Left speaker stops playing randomly (2.1 speaker)

Jan 15, 2019

I have a bug with my speakers where the left speaker doesn't play or randomly stops/starts the music. It's like if the signal is dropping for random periods of time. This happens when i unplug any aux cable that is connect to the speaker audio controller (it's just a pass through for a 3.5mm headset, 3.5mm input from another device and a volume controller.)
Now when i switch to Bluetooth and play a song everything is fine. It is purely an aux problem.
I know my left speaker is fine because when i switch the right speaker output with the left output the right speaker is fine and then the left speaker has the problem.
I already reinstalled and updated my drivers this did not help.
I also tried other audio ports on my pc, but no luck with those.

I think the audio controller wires are kinda [], but i'm not sure.
Maybe you guys have some advice.

Speaker: Trust Tytan 2.1 -Subwoofer Speakerset met Bluetooth
Motherboard: MSI Z370 pro carbon gaming
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Jan 15, 2019

At first I thought that aswell but it's not my motherboard/aux port. This is because the aux port works fine when I only use my speakers (without headset) from startup. The problem seems to be with the volume controller dongle.
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