Lenovo 50-30 Touch -Welcome screen goes BLANK after booting (need fix)


Oct 5, 2016
Shortly after the bootup process begins, the laptop's screen goes bank on the Welcome Screen.
Is there a fix? Help me please.

Here is some additional info on this Lenovo 50-30 Touch
OS: Win 8.1
Model Name: 20383
Mfg Date: 14/06/06
Made in China

Thanks in advance.

So the screen shows information before the welcome screen? Try turning off the laptop, connect an external monitor, turn on the external monitor and then turn on the laptop. Does the same thing occur on the external monitor?

If yes, then you may need to update your drivers.
If no, then you need to check the attached display. Make sure that the ribbon cable that connects it isn't damaged, pinched, torn, etc. Also check if it happens when you move the display (when hinge moves). If not, you may need to replace the display.