Lenovo broken audio jack - remapping possible?


Dec 6, 2006
Hello all. I have a Lenovo Z580 and am running windows 7 x64 sp1. The audio chipset my laptop has is the Realtek HD ALC 269. I am running the audio driver version - I tried downloading the latest from both Lenovo's site and realtek's but so far I havent had that magic jack re-assignment option some people mention in many guides.

I broke my headphone jack (doh) and would like to just remap my headphone jack to serve the purpose of headphone jack. I found several guides online and tried them with no success. Has anyone here succeed with a similar setup? Or have any suggestions for other things to try?

A quick breakdown of what I've tried: I'm looking under

where I see Pin15 (default value 02,00,00,00) and Pin18 (default value 01,00,00,00). I switched the two without success. I've deleted them and notice they *usually* come back when I plug my headphone into each respective port. Note while my headphones jack is broken I can make it work by inserting a headphone jack and holding pressure to the side. This was helpful in confirming which pin corresponded with each port.

I would eventually like to de-solder/re-solder the jack but I'd like to do it in software first if I can. If anyone knows where I can source a direct replacement part rather than hoping radioshack has/can order it it would be much appreciated.


Dec 6, 2006

I'm not sure why I'd want a female connector outside my laptop dangling around waiting to be ripped off. If im going to be soldering I'd like to just replace the connector and repair its original functionality.

I did buy one of those really cheap awhile back (think it cost me $1.30) but when I was testing it out the sound quality was shockingly bad. I thought it would be roughly AC97 sounding but it was so bad it shouldn't have been made.

Can anyone point me to where I can buy a replacement part for my lenovo? Anyone involved in the laptop repair trade?


Mar 29, 2013
I have a solution that works quite nicely for broken audio jack on a non re-mappable laptop. My laptop chipset is realtek audio with only two jack inputs (Mic and Audio) and the chipset does not allow task remapping unless I physically edited the OEM34.inf file and the HDAUD.inf . This can work but blue screens irregularly which is not what I wanted. I had sound so I thought out of the box here...literally!

Most Laptops have two speakers and the wires are universally red and black. Open the laptop or ask a technician to do so if you are wary of this and attach a male 1/4 inch jack to the speaker wires with both speakers wired to one output and the other to the jack. Easy as pie if you want only headphones left balance and speakers right balance. you can get more complicated by attaching a small two way toggle switch that allows you to use either speakers or the newly made headphone extension. I made a tiny hole on my laptop and wired the external lead on the side of the laptop to the center of the back of my screen to make it more aesthetically pleasing the wiring follows the LCD ribbon cable up the inside of the screen and I drilled a hole for the exit wire to mount the jack with a polymer bond. I made the stereo work by using white red and black. White Red are positive and black is common for the non audio buffs. For the Toggle switch you can use a surface mount passive switch which entails more wires. Hope his helps all of you guys out as I now have headphones and audio output for presentations and home video again!
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