Solved! LENOVO Ideapad 320: Power button light and fan turn on, display won’t display anything.

Apr 17, 2021
Hi, my Lenovo Ideapad 320 started malfunctioning a while ago. It seemed to happen after installing a Lenovo system update. The laptop won’t do anything unless it’s on charge. When I press the power button while it is on charge, the power button LED and the LED near the SD card slot power up, the display flickers black for a moment but remains off (which implies it’s still functional). The fan also turns on.

Here’s what we tried:
  • Holding the power for 20 seconds with battery and charger unplugged
  • Holding the power button for 30 seconds
  • Powering it on with no battery but charger plugged in
  • Trying an external monitor and pressing the external monitor button
  • Pressing this random tiny button located directly next to the power light next to the SD card slot
  • Taking the RAM out, and putting it back in
  • Checking all plugs inside the laptop
  • Checking contents of SSD and removing it
  • Took it to a laptop & phone repair shop

The local repair shop we brought the laptop to ran a diagnostics and suggested that the motherboard is fried and requires replacement. We do believe that the motherboard malfunctioning is the case we have here but I wanted to see if I could resort anywhere else before purchasing a whole new computer or getting the motherboard replaced by professionals.

Thanks in advance.