Question Lenovo laptop wont start


May 17, 2018
Hy i have a problem with my Legion Y7000, is not starting, the screen is black, tried with external monitor, the same. It isn't showing nothing on screen , not even startup screen.
I have tried to press the power button for 60 sec with the power cord on and off.
Tried with the keyhole button.. cmos i think it is.
After that i removed the rams, hdd, ssd, battery, and the CMOS battery.
And still nothing, what else can i do?
Last night was ok, i shut it down from the power button from my external keyboard.



Sounds like an issue with the motherboard from everything you tried. If it's in warranty contact Lenovo, if not, the motherboards for newer high end laptops are pretty expensive, need to look into how much one of those is vs just replacing it with a used working system.
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