Lenovo Thinkpad E550 strange keyboard behaviour


Sep 13, 2015
I'm seeing a strange keyboard behaviuor with my Lenovo Thinkpad E550.
It was on windows 8.1 and I was not able to login due to wrong password. Then I realised it is the keyboard and hence used the onscreen keyboard to login.
I'm using UK Keyboard settings and there is no problem in the Language setting, and Regional setting. It is all showing UK settings. The line of keyboard for QWERTY UIOP is messed up. Pressing these keys I get following response.

Q - No response
W - \
E - no response
R - typing g
T - t
Y - y
U - h
I - displaying contrast
O - no response
P - no response

Number keys on the top below Fn and setting keys:

1-4 normal
5,6 display g and h
- no response
= contrast setting is displayed.

I observed that when I open the laptop after lid close, the ' continuously is pressed, until I manually intervene and press backspace. Sometimes with no pattern, even i move my mouse from the internal mousepad, ' gets pressed continously.

Delete key is not working.
@/' is not working

I ended up thinking that Windows 10 upgrade may resolve and I upgraded it. Still no change in the behaviour.

Checked the keyboard status and device driver status. It all seems normal, showing standard PS/2 keyboard.
I observed these when I started to see these symptoms from the event viewer, at a time close to when I observed these problems.

"Collaborative processor power controls on processor X in group 0 are disabled due to a firmware problem. Check with the computer manaufacturer for uodated firmware.

I see this for Processor 0,1,2 and 3.

I cannot restore the laptop to factory setting as I cannot press the F8 or any Fn keys when the laptop reboots. Even these keys are messed up.

I dont see any signs of water spill or anything of that sort on the keyboard.

Any expert solution to resolve this will be much appreciated.
I have raised a request with Lenovo in the hope they will respond. Will have to wait and see what game they will play now.

Please help.


Does the keyboard work correctly in the BIOS? If so, try a fresh installation of Windows 10, which can be done by creating installation media through the Windows media creation tool:


If the keyboard does NOT work correctly in the BIOS, try an external USB keyboard in Windows. If the keyboard does work, in Windows AND the BIOS, then your laptop's keyboard has a hardware problem and you should have it serviced.


Sep 13, 2015
I cannot get to the BIOS as my Function keys are not working. When the window reboots/starts, even the enter key to interrupt normal startup does not work.