Lenovo ThinkPad x130e vs. x131e : How durable and rugged ?


Jun 25, 2013
Is the Lenovo ThinkPad x131e built as sturdy and rugged as the x130e ?

The x130e is described as built for the student market with ruggedness and battery life to withstand a full day of hours with a elementary and secondary school students , and the company website's description of the x131e is "a tough 11.6" laptop for schools and colleges with a selection of features specially designed for educational environments".

Reviews of the x131e , as far as I have seen, have not specifically mentioned the x131e as built for students or with added ruggedness.


Nov 28, 2012
i have a lenovop t510 i5 that i use for work with the normal batter and it lasts over 3 hours on high performance mode. they no longer make the x130e but if you can find one it looks pretty decent and has a i3 in it and its alot cheaper than the intel x131e


ThinkPad X131e Education Series


Here's a review:


"We know from experience that students are our toughest customers - literally - and for that reason we make it a point to go above and beyond our standard ruggedness features in the laptops we introduce for education," Dilip Bhatia, Lenovo's vice president of the ThinkPad Business Unit, said in the press release. "To help combat the extreme wear and tear students subject their laptops to, we've designed our toughest education PC yet by incorporating heavy-duty, military-grade features, while packing the device with top of the line technology so teachers can offer students the latest in digital learning."

Be aware the ThinkPad X131e comes in two varieties, there is the "normal laptop" version that runs with either Win 7 or Win 8 ($659) and the ChromeBook version that runs with Google's Chrome OS (~ $500). Chrome is not compatible with Windows software. While less expensive, it is also less capable due to the limited amount of available software compared to Windows compatible software.
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