Lenovo thinkpad laptop is dead, then came back alive, and is now dead again.


Apr 23, 2016
I have a thinkpad lenovo and it stopped working about a week ago. Before it stopped working the charger was getting scorching hot and without the charger the laptop would almost instantly run out of battery. So i assumed there was a battery problem but hen again the charger was unusually hot as hell. It finally died and will not come back on. I have tried several tricks like holding the power button down for 30 sec with battery out and ac adapter in. Finally after doing that i got it to work. It worked all the way up to the sign in screen and when i typed in password and clicked enter it died again. I didn't put battery back in it was just ac. Now no matter what i do it will not come back on. Do i just need a new battery or ac is my laptop broken. Thanks for taking the time to read.
charger get hot it could the power connector on the board that have a loose part and since battery does not hold on she could be out but check the connector and charger first .