Solved! Lenovo X260 Thinkpad fan constantly 100%. Please help

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Mar 22, 2017
I have a Lenovo X260 Thinkpad, its from 07/2016, 8GB ram, running W10 Pro 64bit, ever since I have had it, it's run incredibly hot and the cpu fan constantly runs, even the most basic tasks. I could literally have Firefox with 5 tabs open and skype and the cpu fan would be 100% spin. I ran sfc and chkdsk, both clean.

Today I got fed up with it, so I reset Windows in case there were some issues in the underlying OS that sfc and chkdsk couldn't find/fix. A brand new start, no programs, just the OS. However even before I had logged in it was running hot, cpu fan still whirring non stop, that's ok, that's just Windows indexing, it'll calm down soon, so I left it for a bit and came back to it.

Came back to it and booted up Edge (had to reinstall my programs) but as soon as I booted up Edge, it starting running 100% cpu fan again. I have nothing installed, nothing running except Edge. My icon bar has nothing except Windows Defender and Intel HD Graphics... it's as barebones as it's going to get. If I stop doing anything and just let it sit there idle it eventually calms down, but then even something as simple as opening File Explorer causing the CPU to spike and the fan to hit 100% again.

Updated all my drivers from Lenovo, and still runs hot. Is there anything else I can do/try before I get warranty from Lenovo?

Images attached to show that there was nothing running, or minimal stuff running and yet my CPU still spikes and my RAM is at 25%.
For comparison, I also have a T440 Thinkpad, which runs about a dozen or so programs/windows constantly and I never hear the fan at all.



If it is acting up this much, and it is still under warranty (should be a year, so you haven't hit that yet) then I would contact the manufacturer and get them to repair it.
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