Question Lenovo Yoga 720-15IKB: Wireless Network Adapter Driver Disappeared

Jul 5, 2020
Hey Guys please

My network driver just disappearing I don't know why?

I can't see any wifi connections in "Show available Networks"

I had a ExpressVPN I saw that vpn's stuff up the internet drivers but idk.

I tried to download the recommended WLAN card from Lenovo and I have installed it but It doesn't seem to be installed (Idk if I am installing them incorrectly)

isn't it just the .exe installation process and you restart and the driver will install itself.

I still have no WIFI connection the only way I connect to the internet is through Ethernet.

- Network Rest/Device Manager (Scan for Hardware changes)

- WLAN AutoConfig is Running (Automatic)

- Restarted multiple times

- Wireless LAN in (Enabled) in BIOS

-System fully updated (Lenovo Vantage)

-Windows updates is up to date

- all the other drivers are all updated

the only thing that is missing is the WLAN driver/wifi driver in Network Adaptors


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