LG G3 Question Mark in Notification Area

Logan Snyder

Jul 16, 2013
Hello, I recently purchased an LG G3 and had it factory reset and all that jazz. It's worth nothing the previous owner had it rooted and was running a custom ROM. I restored the stock ROM for now and kept it rooted. Although it is rooted, I am not aware of any root-level modifications. I'm using Ting on the BYOD GSM plan. The phone is running Android 5.0.1, and I have an SD card installed.

So, with all that information out of the way, I have a question. In my notification area (the top bar) there is a question mark over what appears to be either a SIM card or an SD card. Both don't seem to make sense to me. The question mark appears regardless of signal strength, and my mobile data is working fine, so I don't think it's concerning the SIM card. Also, it appeared before I even had my SD card installed.

I read online that you're supposed to take out your SD card and put it back in. Like I said, it appeared before I even had my SD card installed. But, just to check, after I had my SD card installed, I tried un-mounting it, physically removing it, and inserting it again, to no avail. I made sure the phone recognized that the SD card was back in to, and it did. So, that suggests it's not the SD card either.

I'm hoping someone here knows what this is, because it really bothers me and I hope I don't have a problem with my device that I'm not aware of.

Proof of appearance regardless of signal strength, and images to show you what I'm referring to


um, actually, that icon is not your SD card... It's your SIM card that is reporting an error of some sort it appears; card could be faulty, damaged, SIM card not activated, etc. I'd look into grabbing a new SIM card from your carrier/having it activated (show them the issue in-person) and that should (should) resolve the issue...