Question LG "Gallery Mode" vs. Samsung Frame

Mar 27, 2023
Has LG improved the Gallery Mode (like the Samsung Frame) to make the TV into an art piece in standby? My understanding is on the LG C2 it's more like a screensaver in that the picture changes and cannot select custom photos unlike the Samsung. Hoping LG fixed this.


Mar 21, 2023
LG has made some essential improvements to the Gallery Mode feature for the LG C2 model.

While Samsung's Frame TV may provide more customization options for selecting your photos, LG's Gallery Mode provides an immersive art viewing experience. The revamp has resulted in bringing a more extensive range of artworks, both modern and classical pieces, from well-known galleries worldwide.

So, if you're looking for a TV that has a dual function as a work of art, LG's Gallery Mode is worth considering. It might not have all the customization capabilities of the Samsung Frame TV, but the vast selection of artwork options that LG offers will keep your TV looking fresh and engaging even when it's on standby mode.
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