LG Phone suddenly stopped connecting to Wi-Fi

Apr 1, 2018
I am currently using a LG Premiere LTE phone. Suddenly, I can no longer connect to Wi-Fi.
This persists for ALL WI-Fi connections- such as my home wifi, my friend's Wi-Fi, and public Wi-Fi. It will either read "disconnected," "disabled," or "saved." The strength is perfect and all other devices are able to connect.
Here are the steps I have tried and have failed:
1. Restarting my phone.
2. Forgetting the network.
3. Changing to Static IP
4. Airplane mode to Wi-Fi.
5. Changing Wi-Fi on sleep option.
6. Resetting router.
7. Connecting by WPS (cannot).
8. Factory reset.
9. Changing theme of keyboard before entering Wi-Fi password.
10. Software update (none available)

None of the above options have worked.

Please help! This was a sudden change. It just recently started. It had been doing well for quite a long while. Thank you.
First try turning off 'data' and see if that allows the WiFi to work correctly. If not, were there any updates or new apps installed just before this occurred? If yes, you may want to try removing them. Also I would suggest scanning the device for malware, viruses, etc.

Should this not work either, you may want to "Hard Reset" the device. Just be sure you save all your personal stuff either on a google account, computer, etc., as the device would be wiped and reset.

Should none of this prove to resolve the issue, then it may well be the WiFi no longer functions. (hardware wise)
Apr 1, 2018

I have already tried to reset the phone back to its original state and have tried working with the data off. Unfortunately, none of these steps have worked. So it is a hardware issue? Should I just get a new phone? Are here no solutions?

Nov 20, 2018

I turned my Data off after trying a ton of other steps an now its connecting to my wifi but how do I get this to now function together (using my home wifi)
The phone is having a conflict with both on. Often the data will be used before the WiFi will. This is why the 'turn it off' when on WiFi suggestion. I would leave it that way, at least for a little while (hours) and then restart (turn off and back on) the phone. Once you have the phone fully loaded again, and the WiFi is still connected, then try turning data back on.

Alas, if they conflict again, you may need to talk to your carrier/service provider about the problem.
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