lg tv, soundbar help


Oct 31, 2014
I'm a novice at this stuff, but here's my problem: I have an Lg 47lk520 tv, currently hooked up to cable. I'm using a Polk Audio surroundbar 3000, which works great, with the cable. We want to cut the cable, so I hooked up an antenna, only to find there is no sound through soundbar, which is connected via optical cable (no other outputs, except headphone jack but the sound is hissy). I've been told that my tv "will output 2 channel PCM from its optical out when using any input except the TV's internal tuner. When using the TV's internal tuner to the TV will output 5.1 from its optical out. Unless you can find a way to get the TV to output 2 channel audio when using the internal tuner you will not get sound from your sound bar using an antenna. Many relatively inexpensive sound bars will accept 5.1 audio. That may be the only solution to your problem." I haven't found any ways to sound profile in either the TV (very basic-on/off speaker, bass, etc) or soundbar (again, on/off, bass).

Any recommendations for a soundbar/panel, etc? Must be connected via optical cable as there are no other audio outs. Or what would I look for?

Anyone interested in a Polk Audio 3000? :wink: