Light / Moderate Gaming Laptop for College?


Jun 8, 2014
Hey guys,
I am going to college soon and I am not allowed get both a desktop for gaming and a laptop for school even though my budget could allow for it. I will need a laptop as I am currently aiming for a CS major but I also want to be able to play some next gen games with a decent frame rate. I've looked everywhere but I'm am new to this tech market and could really use some help.

Anyway here's what I'm looking for: (In order of importance)

Price range =< $3000 GPU: Nvidia GTX 760+ CPU: Intel i7 Not an Apple Product

Battery life: I don't know how much I'll have to use this laptop during college without a socket near by but considering that I will have hour breaks and certain classes without it a laptop, I'm going with a ballpark minimum estimate of 4 to 5 hours of battery with WLAN.

Heat: A laptop that doesn't burn me if I were to play a game on a shuttle so probably around 95C at highest. I also would prefer a laptop that remains cool on day-to-day Office programs.

Fan Noise: I don't want to have (a) fan(s) that blares when running simple stuff like Word or Eclipse. When gaming I couldn't care less if the fan(s) are as loud as hurricane as long as my legs aren't roasted.

Keyboard and Screen: Standard size (15.6" screen)

Weight: It isn't as much of an issue as the others but prefer to be within 4-8 lbs (1.5 - 3.5kg)

Currently, I'm looking at the Asus 750JZ (weight is nearly 10lb) or the Alienware 14 (screen size) . I'm also looking forward to some reviews on the new Gigabyte P---V2 series as the P25WV2 is suppose to have nearly 7+ hours of battery life with decent cooling. The razerblade is out of the picture with its extreme heating and small screen as is the msi ghost with its low battery life and bad cooling.
Well, any ideas on how I should proceed? Should I go with one of the laptops listed or should I wait until later on in the year when Broadwell releases as I have until Early January to get a laptop?
Any recs, ideas, or suggestions would be great.


Jun 8, 2014

Yeah, but those have heating issues. I also was hoping to have a laptop that came with the the minimum 4-5 hr WLAN battery life without haveing to carry around extra battery packs. Just to clarify:
$3000 price range with at least a nvidia 765m GPU or higher with intel i7.
It shouldn't be an apple product, has at least 4-5 hr batter life, and doesn't burn when gaming on lap.
The quieter and the lighter the better without sacrificing standard size.


Oct 30, 2013
The new razer blade pro. If you budget is above $2500, that's a 870m (while not the greatest it is awesome), 14" maybe 15", very very solid build laptop, good cooling, great screen and gaming can be had when going to 1080p, i7, and light and slim. 512gb ssd is the highest you can get. But that'd be the best. Battery 4-5 hours as well.


Jun 13, 2008
Some people have had their MSI come with a bad thermal paste job but after they redid it themselves the laptop can keep itself cool. The single fan is very powerful, it's 12 volts whereas all other laptops I know of use 5V fan(s). Most gaming laptops can have their GPU(s) shut down when not in use but 5 hours may be asking a lot. 4 hours should be possible
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