Local Media Streaming Device Without Internet Connection


Jan 2, 2010
I'd like to be able to stream some movies and TV shows I have on an external HDD to a HDTV in an apartment where internet access it not available. I was wondering if there is a device out there that is available that is also user friendly because I got a mom that is a complete novice when it comes to anything electronic and technical. The TV is not a Smart TV so that means I need to get a device for it..

I've looked into Chromecast and Roku, the two popular streaming devices out there. Unfortunately they're not going to work because:
(a) the apartment building doesn't have internet
(b) I don't have a spare android device that can be used just for the Chromecast
(c) Roku is apparently not great for local media streaming unless you have Plex. And from what I am reading. for Plex you need some kind of computer to transcode the video so the Roku can play it. Meaning that I would need an network device/internet connection to play "server" to the Roku.

Any recommendations greatly appreciated!