Logitech C920 Pro won't work on Windows 10

Nov 2, 2018
I recently bought a logitech C920 Pro. I plugged it on my computer, Installed the Logitech webcam software, and tested it on other applications. Nothing worked. It doesn't even appear in the webcam (it's all black screen), but the blue light turns on even if it's only showing a black screen.

When I tried it on a Microsoft Surface Pro, I think it worked. I have a Windows 10 and I've heard about the issues but I don't know what's happening now and where the issue is at the moment. Has it been fixed? What can I do to fix it?


Blame Logitech. The drivers for the web cam are from 2012 and probably aren't signed to work with win 10. For a few versions of windows 10, it has been enforcing driver signatures so if the driver isn't signed by MIcrosoft to work with web cam, Windows will just not run it

If Logitech update drivers and give them to Microsoft to authenticate, your web cam would probably work fine.

Last Update: 26-OCT-2012
Nov 2, 2018

So I guess it's pretty much useless for me? Maybe I'll just return it..
Thank you so much!

edit: But what about the other software that's recent? (Logitech Capture BETA) I tried that and it didn't work either..
I switched the driver to Microsoft yet nothing worked...
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