Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headset Shut off for no reason


Aug 20, 2015
Ok, so I've recently bought the Logitech G930 Wireless Gaming Headsets, I didn't realise how much of a problem they were before purchasing it, but I'm starting to wonder whether I have actually just thrown money down the drain. The Sound quality is terrific, they are comfortable to wear for hours on end, the battery life is amazing(mine lasts 24hours without being on charger(Constant use)), and the fact that it has the G keys on the side that can do whatever I want them to. Now What is plaguing this device is the issue below.

The Issue with the Device is that it shuts off for no reason at all, I'm playing sound through the device almost at all times, in the middle of a conversation, or a game, or watching a movie it will turn off. Happens around every 15 minutes.

What I've tried:
1. My wireless router is about 3 meters away from the headset and the receiver, and in any case I've changed the Channel of it.
2. I've stopped using my wireless mouse and have plugged it into the charging cable at all times now.
3. There are no other wireless devices within a 3 meters vicinity of it, it's still causing problems.

Can someone please enlighten me?


Aug 20, 2015
Ok, good to see no one has any idea, but it doesn't matter.
I've solved it, and will submit the answer below.

Step 1:
Navigate yourself to the following directory(Assuming you have it installed there) C:\Program Files\Logitech Gaming Software\Resources\G930\Manifest
Step 2:
Open the Device_Manifest.xml file in Notepad
Step 3:
Locate the following piece of xml code " battery turnOffInterval="900" "
Step 4:
Edit that Value to whatever you'd like, mine is 9999
Step 5:
Save the file. If there is a protection on the folder, save it to your desktop as the exact same name "Device_Manifest.xml", then cut it and paste it back into the C:\Program Files\Logitech Gaming Software\Resources\G930\Manifest directory, say yes to all administrator questions.
Step 6:
Restart the Logitech software.
Step 7:
Thank Mike! :p

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