Logitech Z-5500 source issues


Apr 24, 2007
Hi I've recently got a replacement from ebuyer, and the speakers are working great with the soundcard as its source, however I am having difficulties with the speaker picking up signals from other sources like ipod, psp, or the tv's headphone jack, even the laptop's headphone jack too. The sound coming out from these sources sound very un-natural as i can only hear some parts of the frequency spectrum and there is a hum in the subwoofer. Other than that the speakers are fine, I have also tried connecting it to the dvd player's phono sockets and it's working great but I'm just dazzled why wouldn't it work with other aforementioned sources. Is it natural or should I get another replacement? How about other z-5500 users out there? Do you have the same issues? Thanks:)


Mar 17, 2006
First off, DVD player does not have Phono jack, it's called RCA jack and any sound coming out of these players is better than the other you mentioned above. PSP and MP3 are compress sound unless an uncopress material played on the PSP and even that it's still no match to the quality of DVD or CD player, Reason why we spend so much money on those Home Entertainment Systems. TV is not design for good quality sound output as well, if you realise there’s no TV that can match even a crappy mini stereo system let alone full size sound equipment. Just so you know your DVD player is considered a part of full size equipment.
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