Solved! Static and popping sounds

May 26, 2018
I have recently come into a problem with my Bose lifestyle 25 entertainment system. Specifically, a serious interference problem with not only the speakers themselves, but the headphone jack on the receiver itself. There has been no previous damage to the receiver itself that I'm aware of. The problem is as described:
Speakers: loud randomness popping/mild static while playing sound through the speakers. Seems to be independent of volume itself both from the receivers volume and the sources.
Headphone port: continuious wine/buzzing to the point where it is completely unuseable.
What I've tried and has not worked:
■ Isolating the entire system from direct interference from things like computers, other power cables and such.
■ Changing power outlets, prevented all ground loops and such
■ changing speakers themselves and wiring
■ disconnecting all separate sources
■ using new cables, receiver inputs, outputs from sources

Now! The most trubling and probably biggest piece of evidence, the buzzing sound persists through the headphones even when the receiver is turned off!!! That's right, the receiver itself is plugged in, powered off, no sources, or ever speakers/speaker zones connected to it, only power. And the whine/buzz persists through the headphones but there is obviously no sound through the speakers as they are not powered.

Please help!

If you get the noise with no sources connected to the Bose then the problem is in the main unit. I doubt that Bose will do anything other than try to sell you a new system. Given the age of it repair might be uneconomical. Maybe time for an up to date system. I suggest exploring non-Bose alternatives.
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