Question Logitech Z906 - 10 -15 minutes delay in Audio to start

Dec 22, 2020
My Logitech Z906 Sub woofer system takes 10 -15 minutes delay in Audio Starting while playing in my LG 65 LED TV 65UM7300PUA. I have tried all settings in the TV. But no results. I have tried factory reset of Z906 also by pressing input button for 8 seconds. The audio system gets reset. But it produced no use. Earlier it was not like this in the same TV. Suddenly there is a huge delay. The audio automatically begins after 10-15 minutes after switching on. Till such time I can not select the EFFECT button to any mode (3D, 4.1 or 2.1). Effect button becomes inactive. Suddenly the Effect button comes alive and audio begins to play. This issue has become permanent every time I switch on the TV and Audio System after a break of 3-4 hours and also every morning. I am using an Optical Audio Cable. What may be the reason?
Dec 22, 2020
I tried with my laptop through RCA connector. The same delay occurs in Laptop also. Now a days Z906 begins to work after 5 minutes of starting my TV. Is the problem in the control pod? If so what needs to be changed?
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