Looking for a 32' TV that can fit my needs


Jan 27, 2012
Hello, I am currently looking into purchasing a 32' television for use with a gaming computer and am not sure what to get.

I watch a ton of blu-rays and play a lot of video-games, so I'm looking for something that can competently do both. Unless something has changed since I last was looking at TVs several years ago, I definitely want 120hz to prevent issues with gaming.

I could care less about speaker quality, as I am planning on using headphones.

I don't particularly care about 3D, it would be a nice feature for future-proofing, but its not a necessity, especially if it drives the price up.

Price... probably at least $300-400, I really don't want to go over $600 though. Is there such a TV that can fit my needs without breaking my budget? Thanks.