Looking For A College Laptop


May 14, 2015
Hey Tom'sHardware community,

My previous laptop is dying fast, and I am currently looking for a new laptop for schoolwork and light gaming. I will be doing 2D and 3D sketching and rendering on Autodesk Inventor, light to medium coding with LabView, and will be only playing Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (Saving the triple A games for desktop). I am having trouble finding one with these requirements:

-At least a 6th generation i5/i7 CPU
-Backlit keyboard
-At least 15.6" screen
-At least a 128GB SSD
-Noise under top load < 50dB
-Price < $1000

Any other suggestions for laptop hardware requirements are appreciated.

Can you guys help me find a good laptop that fits these requirements? Thank you!