Looking for a cool distributed computing project


Mar 28, 2009
...any recommendations? I'm looking for a worthy distributed computing project that can run all day on my home PC while I'm at work. I have a nice comp and it seems a shame to have it on all day without it doing something worthwhile. I have a i7 920 with Windows7. Which projects have the most stable software? I just don't want to choose something that makes my system less stable.

I see a lot of people here do Folding@Home... any particular reason why F@H is the Tom's project of choice? (Nothing against it whatsoever... ). I was considering World Community Grid. Anyone have any thoughts about that?



Jan 25, 2011
I am probably biased but I would recommend Folding@Home. Whatever you choose make sure you get in with a team that is active. I did a BOINC project a few years back that I dropped within a week because there was no active community.

Come check us out and say hello here.

As for stability, F@H will consume every resource you allot it, but you can scale it back if you are uncomfortable with the stress on your system. The client installs are sometimes confusing but we are always willing to help with any questions.