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  1. A

    Mt friend deleted hapara aomehow

    i donk know jow we delted it at school
  2. I

    High-End Linux Laptop For CS PhD, Distributed Computing Focus

    I'm going to grad school for a PhD in CS and I need a laptop for software development. Linux compatibility is the most important issue. I need a very large amount of RAM (~20-~30 GB) as my research is on distributed computing and I'll often need to simultaneously run a mini compute cluster, an...
  3. C

    isn't theree a simple do this do that to goin thgc @...

    i was on folding @home years ago but now i want to support thgc. give me a simple list to goin. i have an account but see no goin thgc team instruction.. bear in mind i had a stroke sept 3. i am doing well and want no comment but i need simple instructions. thank you for ally your years of...
  4. Ne0Wolf7

    Folding @ Home only revives bad work units

    Hello everyone, I have been leaving my PC to run while I'm away so it can do more folding, but one day I decided to do some exploring and check the log. To my glorious delight, it was what seemed to be an infinite loop of downloading, just beginning to start, and "ERROR: RECEIVED BAD WU"...
  5. B

    counting semaphore using Test&Set

    Give pseudocode to indicate how a counting semaphore (not a binary semaphore) can be implemented using a Test&Set() hardware primitive.
  6. rishiswaz

    Bitcoin mining in crossfire

    I have a system with a Radeon HD 7870 dedicated just for bitcoin mining, the motherboard supports 2 way crossfire so I ordered another one, there are 2 full length PCIe 2.0 slots, one is at x16 and the other at x8 speed. I just ordered another 7870 and was wondering if I should set up each card...
  7. H

    throttle cpu by temp on folding@home

    Is there a way that you can throttle your cpu by temperature not by usage percent or number of cores in folding@home, because I dont want overheat my cpu. I used BOINC in the past and they had a program called TThrottle which did that but it cant be used for FAH
  8. Z

    Blocked url free

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  9. shadowmax

    How to hack

    Hello, Can someone tell me how to hack other computers I dont know anything about hacking, I just want to learn.
  10. calmstateofmind

    Torrent client (vuze) eating through RAM...chomp chomp!

    So this is something that I've been wondering about for a bit...why is it that when I start running my torrenting client (Vuze, formerly known as Azureus) I have roughly 4GB of free memory, but then about 45 minutes to an hour later I'm down to < 1GB. I've allocated 30MB for read/write cache...
  11. coyotethunderhawk

    Tom Folding Team

    I guess this is the category to post under. Does toms have a protein folding team for folding@home? I have been folding on the default team anonymously, and I thought I might join a team to track my stats.
  12. A

    How to make a password in cd/dvd

    how to mack a CD/DVD, it can not copy another computer
  13. A

    How to Use two PC as a single one?

    I have two pc s with asus mobos and AMD CPUs connected via lan. I want to use my pc s as a single one.. i.e. all the devices(HDDs) and ports(USBs) with both PC will act like single computer system. Is it possible anyhow?
  14. RussK1


    Bitcoin mining with 2 x 6990's. Is it worth it? I set up my wallet with Bitcoin and use GUIMiner to mine solo with bitcoin.exe as my server. Not using any extra flags just to keep temps down clocks at stock 830/1250 averaging 300Mhash/s. Can get it up to 365 Mhash/s with flag poclbe -v -w...
  15. Y

    Parallel and distributed computing forums for discussions

    Hello,this srinivas how to compare our algorithm/approach is better than others in distributed computing . let us say i have 100 tasks and 10 cpus and i will complete my 100 tasks with 10 cpus let us say it took 10 seconds. similarly other people also taken 100 task and 10 cpus and let say...
  16. G

    What is a click here email virus

    my email sent a email out to friends saying click here to view digital photo and click here to live chat what is this??? its in my sent box also like i sent it??
  17. king smp

    A link to a poll asking if we need a Folding at Home subsection at Tom

    http://www.tomshardware.com/forum/34526-12-folding-home-forum-section-good Whether you vote yes or no please check it out Thank you
  18. P

    Components of parallel processing

    Hello, i m doing a project in c# asp.net....in that i have a problem in converting html files to pdf file...i have used multithreading for conversion and reduced the time of conversion from 4 hrs 15 mins to 1 hr 35mins ....but still i need reduction in time of conversion...i would like to do it...
  19. S

    Folding @ home

    Hey guys, I just built a new i7-2600k and amd 7970 computer and was looking into folding at home. I've run folding at home before on my ps3 and was wondering about the differences in performance I would see between the two. I had folding at home on my laptop for a short period and was...
  20. G

    Berkeley's BOINC Reaches 2B Results Milestone for SETI@Home

    The SETI@Home group, a distributed computing project to analyze radio signals that could hold signs of extraterrestrial life, announced that its BOINC platform has successfully crossed the 2 billion recorded results. Berkeley's BOINC Reaches 2B Results Milestone for SETI@Home : Read more
  21. S

    How to transfer call from mobile to landline

    Hello, i want to know, that how can i transfer my mbile calls to a land line number
  22. K

    How to connet internet from mobile to pc via sumsung kies

    Hello, how to connet internet from mobile to pc via sumsung kies (mobile model E2656)?
  23. V

    DELL autorised retail/repair

    Hello, I would like to become a Dell authorize repair/retail store. We have 3 location of computer repair service in KS area. What steps to i need to take to become one?
  24. Onus

    General discussion / recommendations re: Bitcoin mining

    I've been reading a lot about bitcoins and bitcoin mining. A good place to start learning about various configurations seems to be here: http://www.hardocp.com/article/2011/07/13/bitcoin_mining_gpu_performance_comparison/ What little I see around the Forums here seems to be mostly moaning about...
  25. G

    Easy setup for clustering home computers?

    Hi, I'd like to cluster my home computers so that any apps i run on one computer (could be host) use the resources of all the computers across my network. The computers i'd like to cluster are phenom II x6 amd dual core core 2 duo turion dual core router is 10/100 I'm wanting to use...
  26. W

    'Useful' applications for extra power?

    Virtually all the time my new gaming PC sits around doing nothing now that I've given up on FSX (due to it underutilizing the graphics card/CPU and still getting bad FPS and the many bugs), so I'm asking you what other uses there could be for all that potential processing power. I already have...
  27. deegon

    GPU 0 (not used)

    hi every one have been installing a new card and found that it is not being used by boinc, and boinc does see it. I have set up the .xml file as stated on many sites but no luck, have forced reading and it can see and read it but still it reads 3/07/2011 4:55:59 p.m. NVIDIA GPU 0 (not used)...
  28. B

    5-pin network cable? (similar to cat5e)

    Hello, Recently I've got my hands on a Televideo TS-803. Sadly, the cable to the keyboard is broken and the only way to fix this is to get a new cable. Now, the wierd thing is that the keyboard uses a 5-pin network cable. I can't find any information about this on the internet, because the...
  29. D

    Need help choosing a distributed computing project to contribute to..

    I have recently become quite actively involved in distributed computing projects, and I am looking for one main project that my computer can work for, instead of constantly changing between them. I want one that is preferably science related and for a good cause, and also one which constantly...
  30. Y

    Find out some good ebooks over osi hacking

    plz search out somoe good books over osi hacking
  31. A

    Invocation Error

    Hi Guys, I have been getting the following error when trying to do certain things within a .net 2.0 application we use at work. "Exception has been thrown by the target of an invocation" After some googleing I have discovered that this is usually a .net error. We have two machines here of...
  32. dragnalus

    Looking for a cool distributed computing project

    ...any recommendations? I'm looking for a worthy distributed computing project that can run all day on my home PC while I'm at work. I have a nice comp and it seems a shame to have it on all day without it doing something worthwhile. I have a i7 920 with Windows7. Which projects have the...
  33. teh_tourist

    Looking for some F@H contests

    I know awhile back plenty of companies were giving away free stuff to people who folded fro their team, is anybody doing a competition like this anymore?
  34. flowingbass

    GTX 460 beeping while Folding @ Home

    Why is my GTX 460 beeping when running Folding @ Home for fermi? Version 6.30r2. The beep is more of a silent non intrusive beep unlike the normal boot beep when you mobo boots up succesfully. The beep loudness is like 1/4 of a normal boot beep. And the beep is constant, one beep every second...
  35. A


    I hav developed a RemoteDeskTop Controlling Application using ipaddresses of clients i can use restart,shutdown,disable keyboard and mouse using MFC application but i am not able to enable keyboard and mouse from the server.
  36. W

    How to put one app on laptop and one app on external monitor

    Hello, I have a laptop and an external monitor/tv and I'd like to know if there's a way to 'throw' one app/website to the monitor and have a different website on the other
  37. R

    Board cache

    Hello, what effect does caching memory have on board cache?
  38. E

    Multiple pc installer

    Hello, is there a program that is a user friendly installer that installs multiple software at once on multiple computers? I have read about the windows software about this one but only specified on install update version of xp sp2. Am I right or I haven't just understand what does it does?
  39. T

    Running software from a server to a local pc

    I am looking to be able to have software installed on a server that then the users in the business I work for would login and have access to those programs from which ever computer they login to. So basically I want to install software let say Adobe Photoshop on a server with the correct number...
  40. S

    Blru-Ray Software

    Is it me or does Cyberlink PowerDVD 9 bite. I have had nothing but problems with them from the get go. Would fix one issue and a few updates later, BAM. I have a home built HTPC that was built for multimedia, gaming and regular use. Keep all the drivers up to date. Is there any others out...
  41. C

    Motherboard Monitor Configuration On IT8712F

    Anyone configured on IT8712F before? I'm running an Intel 82801GB ICH7 (S478) and can only seem to get Temp readings for HDD.
  42. dirtdiver

    Folding @ Home Team 174557

    Please join my F@H team :) Team: 174557 Team page: http://fah-web.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/main.py?qtype=teampage&teamnum=174557 Not trying to make a record breaking team--just think it is neat, and hope that people allow their machines to use idle time towards something that may possibly help in...
  43. arges86

    Folding@Home crashing on Windows 7

    So i've been running the Folding@Home GPU Client (currently version 6.23) on my Vista machine for a while w/ no problems... I installed Windows 7 last week and i've noticed that Folding@Home will crash every-now-and-then bringing the whole computer down w/ a good old BSOD. Does anyone have any...
  44. G

    Core 2 duo

    Can u tell me that how can use or allow different tasks on different core 2 duo processors means one application on one processor and second on second processor
  45. nonxcarbonx

    What BOINC apps use GPUs?

    I know that Seti@home and gpugrid do, but are there any others?
  46. D

    Second Copy and vista folder NTFS junction points

    Hi! I use Second Copy and are pleased with it except I have to exclude every single Vista NTFS folder Junciton point or else I get an endless path like "\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data\Application Data” etc...
  47. groo

    Folding@home acomplishments?

    F@H has been around "forever". Has F@H actualy done anything useful? What research is going un using F@H data? Am I wasting my electricity and general internet bandwidth with F@H?
  48. S

    NVIDIA & PNY Hosting FREE Contest: Folding@Home, 3DMARK Vantage Key

    Hi Everyone, NVIDIA & PNY are having a contest to help raise awareness of the benefits that Folding@Home has for the scientific community. Therefore they are hosting numerous contests including FREE 3DMARK Vantage key giveaways, Folding@Home challenge and Online Tournaments involving Call of...
  49. I

    Plse, need a little help with a triple boot system

    hi folk, first time on this side of the forum but i have posted before on the hardware side of things. recently built up a new system with a vista occupied 400 gig seagate hd but have just installed a 74 gig wd raptor which i have already partitioned and formatted 23 gig ntfs for xp, 23 gig...
  50. burn-e86

    Video encoding cluster?

    is it or are there any video encoding programs out there that allow for a small scale cluster over a local network to reduce video encoding times?
  51. HotFoot

    Folding@Home Configuration Guide

    Several people have asked how to set up their computer to run Folding@Home (FAH) for THG, team 40051. This post is meant as a beginner's guide. 1. First, you need to get a FAH client. Download one from Stanford. When choosing the particular client, of course you must get one for the...
  52. HotFoot

    Folding@Home Troubleshooting

    I think it will be useful to have a thread dedicated to troubleshooting the Folding@Home client. To get the ball rolling, I've had some trouble today. First, my client expired. This hadn't been an issue until I rebooted my computer. I installed a new client into the same directory in the...
  53. HotFoot

    Folding@Home Sig Image Guide

    This is a guide for getting Folding@Home sig images working on the THG forumz. There are two methods described here so far. Once you're folding, you might just want to let the world know about it. A little competitive feel is good, and so is attracting the attention of newcomers. So... the...
  54. H

    Why Not Do Something Interesting with your Hot Dog Machine?

    Judging from some responses I get at times, there's plenty of pent-up energy going to waste in the forum. I understand that. You spend your money, some of you a lot, like $2000 or more, and it sits there, occasionally doing something, but most of the time it runs under 20% even when you're...
  55. HotFoot

    Folding at Home, Dual-Core

    Hello, Well, I'm brand spanking new to folding@home, although I've been doing a little reading about it over the last couple weeks. Now I've started to donate some computing time to team 40051. I'm not too sure the program is taking full advantage of my machine. I've got a dual-core PD820...
  56. EntityAnomly

    THGC - Folding@home team 40051 - Frequent Asked Questions

    Here is a directory of threads answering common Folding@Home questions: How can I setup Folding at Home to work on a Dual Core Processor? Can I backup the WU I'm working on and move it to a different computer? - YES Other Folding@Home threads of interest: Main Folding Discussion Thread Main...
  57. cmptrdude79

    Multi-PC Folding Info

    Just wanted to create a place where people can show off the rigs they have folding. Personally, I have the following PCs folding 24/7: Rig 1: Primary Personal(see sig) - 9530 benchmark Rig 2: Backup - Athlon XP 2600+ @ 2185 w/1gig - 6316 benchmark Rig 3: Boss's Workstation - Athlon 64 3500+ -...
  58. R

    How do i determine Best Folding Processor

    The topic says it all... What do i look for to see how fast i will be able to fold? Do i look at Drhystons and Whetstone?
  59. M

    good backup software?

    I want to start creating regular backups of my stuff because I've had some data loss every now and then and it's always such a hassle to start things (especially work related stuff;)) from scratch again. Is there any backup software around that's worth a try? The windows backup thingy isn't all...
  60. T


    I just wonder how fast would new Xbox 360 crunch SETI@home units :). Anyone thought about using the power of new consoles in distributed computing?