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  1. sjonnie

    THGC - Folding@home team 40051

    Hello distributed computing fans <A HREF="http://forumz.tomshardware.com" target="_new">Tom's Hardware Guide Community</A> has a very successfull <A HREF="http://vspx27.stanford.edu/cgi-bin/main.py?qtype=teampage&teamnum=40051" target="_new">team</A> working in the Folding@home distributed...
  2. silverpig

    Anyone wanna help me out?

    I'm pushing to get 10000 seti units done by the end of the project which should be in a few months. I'm coming up on 7000 right now. If you've got some spare cpu cycles, I'd really really appreciate them :smile: s signature has been formatted to fit your scr
  3. H

    How groupware effects networks

    Hi, I hope iv put this post in the right place. For my college assignment I have to answer the question "how groupware can affect network planning" iv searched all over the Internet but im still stuck! please help.
  4. H

    Gomez peer

    I tried out <A HREF="http://www.porivo.com/peernetwork/jsp/application.jsp?Referrer=fu_hasi" target="_new">Gomez Peer </A>a few months ago. After spending three or four weeks in the “pending” status (or whatever it’s called), I got tired of giving them my CPU cycles for free. Today, out of the...
  5. silverpig

    forums.gentoo.org rock

    Really. They do. I was having problems with mplayer and dvds today as I'm finalizing my gentoo setup. It was taking for-damn-ever to get the program to cache anything, and even then it'd lock right after. So I did a search on dvd and mplayer on their forums and found a problem with mplayer not...
  6. C

    no one's here

    sweet! an isolated forum all to myself!! RIP Block Heater....HELLO P4~~~~~ 120% nVidia Fanboy+119% Money Fanboy GeForce 6800 Ultra--> The Way we thought FX 5800Ultra is meant to be played THGC's resident Asian and nVboy :D
  7. T

    Why dont we start a Folding@Home team?

    I've been in a folding team for a little while now (I thought I would try to help out a team started by a friend of mine) but I think it would be nice to start a THG folding team. Anyone else have any thoughts on this? <A HREF="http://service.futuremark.com/compare?2k1=6752830"...
  8. silverpig

    SETI almost finished

    Check it out on their page. They're gearing up to switch over to BOINC. I'm sticking with it. Some day I'll be rich and famous for inventing a device that allows you to stab people in the face over the internet.
  9. G

    Plz introduce me to this new subject

    i wanna know whats all this about UD, seti, etc. i know UD is like sharing your computer resources for research and seti is for searching signals (or something) but i dont know exactly what they are. why is it interesting? why should i get into it? whats so fun about this...
  10. kinney

    downloaded UD, would I make a difference?

    I downloaded UD on both of my machines, a Athlon 1700+ (listed below) and a P4 1.4ghz. I havent joined any group yet. I set my profile to work only when the screen saver is on, and I usually leave my systems on all day and night. I also do both the smallpox and cancer research, the cancer...
  11. lhgpoobaa

    Not happy with UD

    hmmm. I signed up for cure for cancer crunching, not smallpox. And as such i disabled the crunch smallpox tickbox in my device profile manager... yet im still getting and crunching smallpox jobs. WTF? <font color=blue>Many modern games <b>must</b> be played multiplayer. And those you encounter...
  12. lhgpoobaa


    Woot. Broke the 100K points milestone in UD last night: 100061 points with 259 days, 10 hours, 18 min. what a load of crunching! :) ONWARD! (And no im not affiliated with any team... im an evil rogue individual cruncher!) <b>My PC is so powerful it it makes a 286-16 look slow!</b> :lol: <A...
  13. A

    Questions about SETI benchmarks in THG reviews

    It was cool to see that THG started to use SETI as a benchmark:).But there isn't much info given about it. For instance how come the 2 P4 3GHz CPUs are so much faster than the other P4's?.AFAIK HT can't be accounting for it so what gives?. Anyone any ideas? Here's a thred I started about it...
  14. L

    All you Seti@home guys and gals

    I have never done Set@home, but I know that many have. I found this on <A HREF="http://www.arstechnica.com/" target="_new">http://www.arstechnica.com/</A> I know there are a lot of decent people on these boards, our support should be up for any in need. Im going to post this here and in the...
  15. J

    Ultra noobie!

    Hey guys, This is the first time that i've entered this forum and i just read all the talk about UD and stuff. Whats UD??? and whats this forum about anyway i thought it was just about sharing small utilities so never bothered to take a look. Thanx <b><font color=blue>Saddam: "Dude where's...
  16. L

    UD working for the Dept of Defense now !!! ???

    I checked my work machine installation today to see what ligand it was working on and see this message : 1. I am certain that small pox in the wild is extinct and only the U.S. and possibly Russia still warehouse viable samples 2. the vaccine for this disease has proven by the above fact that...
  17. K

    Why UD?

    I'm not sure, but I believe UD will sell your volunteered CPU time to companies. Last time I looked, they even tell you that on their website. There's other places that resources can go to. Folding@home and Genome@home, SETI@home, distributed.net (at least you can actually make money if you're...
  18. O

    NEVER !!!!!!!!

    I've just about made the top 25 now on the THG team... I just passed Fatburger and have my sights set on Owl! (That is you isn't it...Owl645807?) <b>You will Never Catch me</b> <font color=blue>HOSED = Horrific operating system error detected</font color=blue>
  19. S

    Hey, What happened to Glanz?

    I just looked and he is missing from the THG SETI team... What happened? Scout 700 Mflops in SETI!
  20. S

    Which Processor better for UD?

    I'll admit, I haven't done any research on this, but I was wondering if any of you guys know off the top of your head which CPU works better on the UD Cancer/Smallpox resarch projects? These work units seem so variable that I can't tell from just looking at progress over time on each machine...
  21. J

    Keep at it !!

    Keep at the crunching. While I don't see much chatter promoting the team, I do see you guys are crunching away. Stats show Tom's Hardware Guide Team should overtake a half dozen teams in the next week to ten days. Congrats guys and gals. Every working computer must be improved .... or...
  22. S

    OK... I Joined THG UD

    Today I switched my UD team to Tom's Hardware Guide... It sure is lame I had to leave my 733 results at my old team, especially considering it was just me and another guy on the team and he doesn't even do it any more! Oh well... starting from the bottom. Watch out guys!!! By the way, my handle...
  23. T

    CPU sharing under W2K/XP?

    Anyone have any clue about this, what i am after is similar to an CPU farm that you can get in UNIX/Linux, but for W2K/XP. I want to use the CPU off another machine or several, but only its CPU. This way we can distribute an big job that needs CPU power on several machines, but due to the...
  24. J

    UD Bragging Rights - No matter how may PCs you hav

    <A HREF="http://www.grid.org/stats/members/points_per_cpu_time.htm" target="_new"> A more fair way to brag </A> If you are approaching 22 points per CPU hour, you could make the list. I'm on another team, but I do want to encourage all to participate. I'm in the top 300 striving for the...
  25. D

    Is it spyware?

    Ok, im a regular spyware freak. I know exactly what everything is in my task manager and know what my copmuter does when it starts up. I also check my registry all the time for new or other anomolous strings. I found some file in under c: called GatorPdpPlg.log, naturally, this got me...
  26. S

    Bargain MP

    OK Gang, how do you spell SMP? I found my friendly local computer store had a close-out on Tyan Tiger MP boards, and I just happened to have a couple of XP1700+ matched chips. I couldn't resist and now have my first MP machine! The only thing that bummed me was I had to go buy some registered...
  27. S

    Make way!

    Im back! And.... Im going to reclaim my spot! So.... look out! -SteelRainn
  28. Grub

    Finally broke 1000 wu's!!!

    Today I finally broke 1000 wu's. :) What happened to Killian? His wu/day average plummeted last month. ...ummm...sorry, I forgot what I was going to say...
  29. S

    Whahahaha... I'm in the top 50.

    Woohoo I finally made it to the top 50 in the UD results sorted on score. My CPU runs so hot the arctic silver undergoes nuclear fusion :eek: .
  30. B

    gave up on seti

    Ihavestoppedmymachineslookingforsetihave gone to work on folding at home.They have published a paper in Science the premier science publication in America.Their results so far look good.So if you have some cycles left over don't waste them. avandonk
  31. S

    4 UD Devices for me.

    I now got 4 UD system running: 1. AMD Athlon XP1600+, 512MB 2. Pentium 75@90Mhz, 80MB 3. Pentium 166Mhz, 64MB 4. Pentium 700MHz, 128MB (soon 256MB or 384MB). System 1 and 4 will be OC'ed to about: 1. 2GHz (I hope) 2. 1GHz Lets see how fast I can be in the top 10 now. My CPU runs so hot the...
  32. S

    Hey! I'm still standing!

    Ever been chased by a madman? I may not be able to stay in front of my friend Killian2 forever, but my plan is to stay in front just long enough to overtake Steelrainn so I can stay in seventh place on the team! (Bwaaahhhaaaaa....) So give me your best shot Killian! 'Cause I'm sure giving you...
  33. L

    WTF! SPAM form "TRIBAR"

    WTF! Did anyone else get a letter like this? And how the F*** did he get my email address? <font color=blue> My name is Grzegorz Lisowski. I am a member of SETI team TRIBAR. It was polish team. Now it is not. Now we have members from 21 different countries; Sweden, France, Romania, Hungary...
  34. S

    Killian! You're Killin me!

    Couple of weeks ago, casually glancing behind me I see a certain Killian2 and he's some 340 work units back. Hummm, I don't remember him... better bring the big P4 back on line this week... Yup, and see where we sit next week. I couldn't believe my eyes... only 270 behind this last weekend...
  35. Grub

    "clawing" my way to the top?

    I've noticed that people talk about seti work units being small enough to fit inside the cache of a processor. Will the clawhammer provide a big boost since it is a 64 bit processor? I don't really understand it all that well, but if seti is mostly doing floating point math, doesn't 64 bits...
  36. G

    new Seti Spy is out

    Just got the new version of SetiSpy (v.3.2.0) and was wondering if anyone else is getting the same error msg as me when trying to update the user and team stats? No route to host. (Error# 10065) Is this actually an error or do I just need to wait and return a few more WU before it irons itself...
  37. O

    UD Statistics

    Statistics Last Updated: 09/05/2002 23:59:59 (UTC) lnaranjo 11/22/2001 2:333:10:09:57 367,140 2,797 www.PaceBlade.com 08/28/2001 1:191:07:36:59 154,037 1,701 sketchbag.com 03/28/2002 1:281:14:16:35 198,604 1,107 THG Taiwan 08/30/2001 0:262:06:17:39 84,460 1,061 PoolSnoopy 12/14/2001...
  38. H

    SETI Stats Page

    You may or may not know, but I used to host a stats page for Tom's SETI team. I am working on merging the old script I had (since it was given to me, and I didn't understand how to put new data in) with a script I found on the internet. It should then automatically download the new stats info...
  39. M

    THG SETI Team Alert: I have Cecsi's Account Info

    Ok, now that I have it, what do you guys want to do with it. I also have the THG webmaster's right ear, as I am refering to the www.seti.tomshardware.com that we can update. Regards, Michael DePrenda aka Betelnut (SETI) THG Taiwan (UD) michael@tomshardware.com Asian Regional Manager Tom's...
  40. N

    how to build a multi-computer cluster?

    this idea has been rattling around in my head for a while and this seems to be the place to ask. how do i go about building a computer cluster, also is it possible to do it under win xp? what is needed, as far as hardware? I dont have the money to go out and get a brand new computer but have...
  41. G

    Anyone know where Cecsi has gone to?

    Anyone know where this person has gone? I was thinking about maybe taking over the upkeep of the group info page and maybe weeding out the users who haven't submitted a WU for a couple of years. Another idea I had was building a personal web page and have the same info on it with the...
  42. L

    Problems sending UD WU's

    Is anyone else having problems sending UD WU's? Oops, Just saw the UD page with the upgrade news. Oh well, I'll just have to wait for the traffic to calm down. <P ID="edit"><FONT SIZE=-1><EM>Edited by lucol on 06/18/02 05:09 PM.</EM></FONT></P>
  43. G

    Never mind (was:PCI Latency Setting in BIOS)

    Ok, I figured out how to get into my mom's Gateway BIOS. There are no settings for o/c'ing the CPU, but I can adjust the PCI Latency setting. It is currently set at 64. I was wondering if lowering this setting will improve the CpF average in S@H? Right now, it's showing and average of 9.xx CpF...
  44. G

    Sure got awful quiet in here

    Haven't seen any new posts since the 9th! What happened? Did you all read about my brag and got busy on crunching again to try and catch up?? <A HREF="http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/stats/team/team_994.html" target="_new">THGC Seti Team Stats</A>
  45. G

    My First actual BRAG!!

    Since I started crunching for the THGSeti Team, I've finally reached my 500th WU! Here are my stats: And how about that Avg CPU time per WU? 3:57:35.1 (Ok, no one really gives a darn about the fraction of a sec, but hey! this is my brag) Now I just have to do this all over again to reach the...
  46. L

    1st new protein

    woo hoo got my first new protein since I began crunching a week or so ago .. so far tho' at 20% not one hit .. all conformers on the current molecules. how often do they send new targets? lagger <font color=blue><b> Roll another bummer and leave it on the sideboard Catherwood </font...
  47. C

    New 100Mb Pipe for S@H

    Greetings from TeAm Anandtech :) I was browsing your forum when I saw the post about giving up on Seti. This would be a bad time to quit since the project has secured a new 100Mb Pipeline :) Check this link: http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/tech_news.html Also, please feel free to drop by...
  48. L

    (was) Giving up SETI

    Giving up SETI I’m tired of always having work units that I can’t send because of their lack of bandwidth. I usually turn of my computer at night (when I might actually be able to send em) so I have to end task every time I want to shut down. I’m using SETI spy with SETI driver and don’t feel...
  49. M

    UD query

    hi guys, i just joined the tom's hardware UD team, at the moment my computer is constantly on a LAN connection which is excellent, but in a month or so i will have to move off campus, and i will only have a 56k modem (about 2000 times slower, quite a performance hit i think you'll agree). i...
  50. lhgpoobaa

    Wouldnt u love to have this machine for crunching?

    <A HREF="http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showthread.php?s=4ff75df63857f82b9db9a43f3fbac093&threadid=133571" target="_new">http://forums.overclockers.co.uk/showthread.php?s=4ff75df63857f82b9db9a43f3fbac093&threadid=133571</A> i want! Today on Toms: Trisexual hamsters, anal applications of...
  51. A

    Networks of the future?

    Will we ever have distributed computing home networks, so maybe you would have several computers of varing processing power working together at any given time in any given app? :wink: <b><i>"A penny saved is a penny earned!"</i></b> :wink:
  52. O

    My PII is Dead

    My PII is Dead... sob,,sob,, I Need your help, In my office Rack i have room for 4U spaces.... so that is 1 4U or 2 x 2U or 4 x 1U So i need help with mobo ????? ATX onboard video onboard 10/100 onboard sound ata/100 or ata/133 any help please.... so far the only one i have found that i...
  53. O

    Wake Up UD Team

    Way To Loud In Here......................... No I Will Not Rant....................... <font color=blue>Join THG UD TEAM WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW</font color=blue>
  54. O


    Team Member Details and Statistics: Tom's Hardware Guide Statistics Last Updated: 04/13/2002 23:59:59 (UTC) [ 16 hour(s) ago ] Records 1 - 32, 32 Total Member Name Status Joined [Retired] Total CPU Time (y:d:h:m:s) Points Generated Results Returned lnaranjo...
  55. J

    SETI tweak

    I just download Look like a good FPU benchmark.I need some help for tweaking my CPU for SETI also does SETI suport SSE2 cheap, cheap. Think cheap, and you'll always be cheap.AMD version of semi conducteur industrie
  56. S

    New Horse in the Barn!

    Well, I finally went over to the dark side! A shiny new P4 Northwood 1.6 overclocked to 2.13 GHz. on an SiS 645dx board. This thing runs circles around my Athlon in SETI! I ran the exact same SETI work unit on both the P4 and my Athlon XP 1700+ (overclocked to 1.5 GHz.) and checked MFLOPs...
  57. G

    New SETI queue

    A new public SETI queue murin.dns2go.com:5517 - Sweden 10Mbit/10Mbit 24/7
  58. F

    System specs/points

    I think it would be interesting to detail our system specs (only what UD uses), and how many points it assigns to each. I'll do mine when I get home. Overall: 121 Processor: 165 (1.6A @ 2.5Ghz) Memory: 134 (512MB of RDRAM) Storage: 196 (Max allocated) Network: 41 (Netgear FA310tx on cable)...
  59. O


    NEW lnaranjo 11/22/2001 0:288:03:05:58 98,072 908 www.PaceBlade.com 08/28/2001 0:348:07:00:27 96,625 1,176 PoolSnoopy 12/14/2001 0:227:05:43:55 84,309 684 tinytoonadventure 01/09/2002 0:230:00:01:09 68,360 455 owl_654807 12/30/2001 0:133:01:40:29 44,622 382 THG Taiwan 08/30/2001...
  60. flamethrower205

    What if...

    I was thinking (plz don't flame for this) what if AMDZone and THG merged in the UD thing? I think we then could become #1. What do u guys think? Sig of the week.