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  1. O


    Michael Is ther any chance that we can get the UD team a small spot on the Front page THG ?????????????????????????????????? <font color=blue>**VIA has forced Me to the dark side of INTEL, sorry AMD**</font color=blue>
  2. O

    UD TEAM, UD TEAM, UD TEAM WAKE UP !!!!!!!!!!

    Dam things have slowed to crawl, what's up ??? well, I will be geting a new toy just got a Fic sd11 mobo waiting for AMD 1800+ chip have a new hedgehog all copper heatsink 4 new 12x DVD 2 new 16x 12x 40x CDRW's 2 sticks 128mb micron PC2100 ddr cas 2-2-2 2x ATA133 with PCI cards 80 gig maxtor...
  3. O


    www.PaceBlade.com 08/28/2001 0:319:11:17:16 88,591 1,094 lnaranjo 11/22/2001 0:223:18:42:39 79,402 777 PoolSnoopy 12/14/2001 0:189:03:52:57 68,810 591 tinytoonadventure 01/09/2002 0:160:16:41:18 47,098 335 owl_654807 12/30/2001 0:107:03:10:52 36,277 326 THG Taiwan 08/30/2001 0:112:14:13:03...
  4. camieabz


    Bring the Noise, Time, Belly of the Beast. Wrong one. LoL. Currently crunching numbers on "Anthrax Toxin (P.A.)". The Afgan war came to Scotland! Its a big un too. 22hrs at 50% complete. Will this be the norm from now on? Athrax, Typhus, Cholera? :cool: <b><font color=blue>The Cisco...
  5. O

    Wake Up UD TEAM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It's too dam loud in this form.. keep it down... so did like did every one go chaseing green men ???? WHAT ABOUT UD ????????? The THG TEAM Needs You......... start runing UD.. Get your Friends to Help, <font color=blue>**VIA has forced Me to the dark side of INTEL, sorry AMD**</font color=blue>
  6. O


    http://members.ud.com/services/teams/team.htm?id=510E6639-84A1-465D-A914-07BDB039E379 <font color=blue>**VIA has forced Me to the dark side of INTEL, sorry AMD**</font color=blue>
  7. J

    1K in Seti

    Not that anyone seems to do it anymore but I finally hit 1K. Hey you gotta pat yourself on the back if no one else will. <b><A HREF="http://www.seti.tomshardware.com/" target="_new">How fast is your PC</A></b>
  8. O


    lnaranjo 11/22/2001 0:083:05:28:30 34,291 457 Scotty3303 10/13/2001 0:055:04:32:11 26,944 330 THG Taiwan 08/30/2001 0:096:06:20:52 26,472 498 sizemoel 11/12/2001 0:048:21:41:29 22,604 457 www.PaceBlade.com 08/28/2001 0:078:01:24:25 21,122 462 WiseGuy1 10/12/2001 0:128:23:01:05 18,249 218...
  9. O


    Why have you not joined the UD Team Yet..????????? JOIN NOW <font color=blue>***VIA is the weakest link***</font color=blue>
  10. O


    I just did it and you can too.... JOIN NOW. WE NEED YOU....... http://members.ud.com/services/teams/team.htm?id=510E6639-84A1-465D-A914-07BDB039E379 http://members.ud.com/services/teams/team.htm?id=510E6639-84A1-465D-A914-07BDB039E379 Intel inside Moron outside
  11. G

    UD network comparrison

    Hi all UD people! What’s up with this UD network comparison? A while back UD changed their Network comparison card and since then I have been lucky to score 60 directly against it, use to get 100-110. My system on all the other comparisons kills the UD unit but this network thing is dragging...
  12. P

    UD crashes on W2K

    Hi folks, I'm glad that I heard about the UD-prog here but unfortunately it crashes on one of my computers. Hardware: Duron 800 512 MB RAM Asus A7V-M with VIA KT133 (that is VT8363 + VT82C686A) using a cable modem on a 3Com EtherLink XL PCI TPO NIC (3C900B-TPO) OS: W2K Advanced Server with SP2...
  13. S

    UD flys at 1544 MHz.!

    For most of this year I've been fighting temps on my Athlon 1.4 while running UD. It heats up to the mid 50's... Till I went to an 80mm fan adapter and now it runs UD at 46 to 48... and allows me to overclock over 1.5 gig. Cool! This rig sure can chew up UD units quickly at this speed...
  14. S

    Congratulations Galanz

    Passing the 10,000 work units mark is a fantastic milestone indeed! Good job!!! Where does that put you on the "all time" SETI list? Must be close to the top! Scout Scout
  15. D

    UD upgrade

    Well this is interesting, The united Devices servers are down to upgrade the agent. Everyone whos running an AMD machine might be pleased to know theyre upgrading the ratings system, now Processor speed will be based on a BENCHMARK, rather than MHZ. I Just hope they do it right... But I...
  16. M

    There is already a UD Tom's Hardware Guide team

    Hi There is already a Tom's Hardware Guide UD Team. I started it. I woork for Tom's Hardware Guide. You can do a search. The name of the Team is Tom's Hardware Guide. I just searched but it gave me an error. But on the teams list we are already number 5,000 out of 10,000 and that is just me. If...
  17. W

    Cancer Cure finding Dude!!

    We'll I'm officially crunching numbers to find a cure for cancer. My mom is a 3 year cancer survivor so I thought this was pretty cool. I've got a huge 9 points so far with 1 whole unit complete!!! YeeHaa!!!
  18. H

    Stat site

    I think I may have finally found something to do all of the stat site stuff automatically. I am downloading StarOffice now. The spreadsheet requires Excel 97 or current. I cannot find my Office 2000 CD right now, so I am gonna try it on StarOffice first. If it doesn't work, I may actually...
  19. S

    Aarrrggghh! He's After Me!

    Lowlypawn, Don't think I haven't noticed your marked increase in work units since my recent taunt!!! What you doing man? You've closed the gap to 20...Good show! And I know it's not because I've slowed down recently... You run a big Athlon as I recall don't you? Hummm... must be plugging...
  20. M

    Tom's Hardware Guide UD Team

    I have started a Tom's Hardware Guide UD Team. I use to be on the SETI Team (Betelnut), but my concious got to me. I still really want to do the SETI Team, so maybe I will do both. I have 5 PCs here anyway. Anyway, if anyone is interested in UD and wants to join the Tom's Hardware Guide Team...
  21. S

    Are we a bunch of ZOMBIES?

    OK all you THG Seti smashers... What's going on? It's so darn quiet around this forum, I hardly ever check it anymore! Hasn't anybody been doing anything new??? Galanz, what are you up to lately? LowlyPawn, aren't you going to chase me anymore? Any new boxes out there? How about a little...
  22. lhgpoobaa

    seti@home? cure for cancer@ud?

    ive tried seti@home, ud's cure for cancer, & prime 95, and i must say that the cure for cancer seems the most appropriate way to utilise my processor. anyone else have the same impression? with my athlon 1386 i can churn through i job in under 3 hours! (for the smaller ones) another...
  23. G

    Anyone familar with crack rack setups?

    I have recently been thinking of building a “crack rack” in which I have several motherboards and CPUs running SETI which is loaded into memory. These extreme skeleton systems would only consist of board, CPU, RAM, video card, and NIC card. I was considering using something like Klinux...
  24. P

    Seti is now totally down????

    I hope they get it together. -* This Space For Rent *- email for application details
  25. P

    Is the Seit Web Server Ever Coming Back Up???

    It's been down for days now! -* This Space For Rent *- email for application details
  26. H

    site stats

    Since the stats are sitting on my server, I was thinking about picking up where NecroScope left off. All of the formulas are in an Excell file, I was just wondering about how to have some sort of automation or what have you to pull the info off of the SETI servers. If Necroscope would fill me...
  27. N

    page not updated for good reaspon :P

    was in a car accident (am ok). i think that ill just scrap thet last week or so and just start adding new dates again. im also going to start updating it once every two days now. every day is just to much work :P <font color=green>"You talk like a drunk man walks: in every direction but where...
  28. S

    Team Competion

    Over at <A HREF="http://www.littlewhitedog.com" target="_new">http://www.littlewhitedog.com</A> Looks like they are a little worried about us comming up on them. Check it out. Spot's Post #2 <A HREF="http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/cgi-bin/cgi?cmd=team_lookup&name=littlewhitedog"...
  29. G

    Kuff's back?

    I just checked the stats again and Kuff's moved to 2941 after being at 2940 for weeks. Has he returned? Kuff are you there?
  30. G

    Way to go Peter

    Congratulation Peter(Peteb) on breaking into the top 5! And in record time as well. Way to go!
  31. G

    Intel Philanthropic Peer-to-Peer Program

    I just downloaded this P2P software that supposedly helps the search for a cure against cancer. Now, of course I understand that intel is not *that* philantropic as not to try to use this program to do some marketing.. but I cant help being a bit upset by the "device information" part. First...
  32. M

    Number 200 and Climbing

    I checked it out and since the last Top 200 Club Teams Report was generated we made 113 Wus, Casema the No. 199 made only 23 Wus, and no. 198 Bulgaria made only 62 Wus. We should pass these guys before long as well. We need to put some distance between us and the bottom of the list lest some...
  33. P

    Richard C - congratulations on the big 1k

    Great work - looks like you just posted a large hit of WUs - what size cache are u using for setidriver? Well done! Pete -* This Space For Rent *- email for application details
  34. F

    How to speed up wu's?

    I'm running W2K on a 1G Tbird and have just used the screensaver version. Would the command line version be faster? Would it work with W2K and if so what is the procedure for changing? I am asking this because my laptop at 400M seems almost as fast as my desktop.
  35. D

    Distibuted Computing...

    Well, I also went to United Devices Search for Cancer, But I joined AMDzone.com 's team. I think the stats are much more interesting as well as something is always happening. I think they key for these distributed computing companies is Good screen savers, Good stats, and fast programs...
  36. mpjesse

    SETI problems

    Sometimes it takes my computer 24hrs to complete 1 unit- other times it takes the damn thing under 7hrs. WTF? This problem just started recently. I'm running a 1Ghz t-bird with PC2100 memory. My computer doesn't go into sleep mode and I have no screen saver enabled. Anyone have any ideas...
  37. J

    Sad News!!!

    Well guys I finally did it. Ever since a freind of mine told me about distributed cancer research I have been feeling guilty here. Yeah amybe we can find an alien with the cure but what have we found in all the millions of years? Well I joined <A...
  38. H

    250 WU's

    I have now done 250 WU's...I am only doing about 2.3 WU's/day now, but I hope to build a couple new systems. I also plan to install it in our high school's CAD lab. They are calling me in to install Win2K on their LAN, cause they can't figure out WinNT (a whole nother problem). 25 or so...
  39. G

    Betel Nuts back!

    Just to inform everyone who has seen the Betel nuts perform 5wu/day the past week, those days are over! I just came back from CeBIT, noting that my internet connection was down from the day after I left (eight days ago), and my cache wasn't big enough for that long time so we lost serious amount...
  40. J

    Top guy at OverClocker

    This guy (m-fuji) at OverClocker has an avg of 1 hr 01 min 09.9 sec. This is total BS! How the hell can you have a 1 hour wu total BS. Looks like someone knows how to hack seti. <A HREF="http://setiathome.ssl.berkeley.edu/stats/team/team_80796.html"...
  41. N

    SETI stats moved!

    Thanks to Hammy we have a new webserver for the stats page! http://tomshardware.cjb.net http://camnetworking.com/SETI/frame.htm the www doesn't matter on either of them, but the case matters on the direct link Now I can finally move my family webpage back from the slow banner server to where...
  42. N

    Graphs updated today and from now on

    travelling, ISP problems, and college homework made me lag behind on the charts, but until further notice they will be updated every 1-2 days again Companies that = cancer ati creative lexmark micro$oft mitsumi rambu$ via
  43. S

    Slow Work Units

    I use SETI Spy to monitor performance and recently switched to the command line client and noted it upped my speed significantly. However, I got ahold of two work units on my fastest machine that ran REALLY slow! Normally I run around 140 MegaFlops/sec on that machine, but for these two WU, it...
  44. G

    SETI is boring......

    I have compiled 3 of them so far and its boring watching it slowly progress whats the point??
  45. F

    New Computer for Seti?

    I am a member of Toms Seti Team. Not so many WU's as I was running on a laptop. I have just built a 'real' computer. I probably will not in the future run Seti very often on my laptop. How do I move things to my new computer? And still stay a member? [EDIT] Also, what's the best way (fast) way...
  46. G

    Toms SETI, it took me............

    I compiled one and it took me 17 hours i mean i had it going solid but i was using my pc as well icq, word, adobe, and watching vids but it took me 17 hours with a duron 800 128 pc-133 was this a long long time for me or pretty good?
  47. G

    Please explain the SETI thing, whats this craze???

    I am running Seti right now i mean at the end it was saying overclock your processor upgrade this but i mean Is this just for fun or game or what I understand the point of looking for new life and all but.. why waste our money to search these things quicker? Nothing is in it for us..? Hmm Do...
  48. G

    Toms SETi..... Explain what im doing here????????

    I understand they need computers to process this data but i mean.. Im doing this right now as im speaking, but i mean they were saying overclock this, upgrade your pc that Whats the point? To try and find new life or something? I mean should i burn out my processor over this? LOL I increased...
  49. J

    Test ing

    Did it? <b><font color=green>[url = http://www.seti.tomshardware.com/]How fast is your PC[/url]</font color=green></b>
  50. G

    It's Back!!

    Seti is back, but it's taken between 3-10 tries to upload and download.
  51. G

    Seti Down

    From what I've heard, some contractor with a backhoe cut a fibre bundle to the Seti servers sometime yesterday. I have no idea when it will come back up. Damn, I should have installed Seti driver:(
  52. M

    New Member RAG!

    Welcome to the Team RAG. Your 917 units will help us to get a lot closer to the Top 200 in Club teams. We are almost there. Thanks for joining! Join the Tom's Hardware Seti@Home Team <A HREF="http://www.seti.tomshardware.com" target="_new">http://www.seti.tomshardware.com</A>
  53. G

    256MB vs 1536MB

    Have anyone got a fast system say 1Ghz and compare the same seti time using 256MB or 1536MB? Just wanted to know how much improvement or none? Best regards cx5
  54. M

    WU Productivity Rivalry

    Hey Kuff and Galanz, getting scared? I guess not, will take me a while to catch up to you guys. However, I think soon, I will cranking out more units than you guys per day, now we are doing 20 something units per day as I have gotten a lot of friends to join up under my name. If I could could...
  55. S


    Just wanted everyone to know im leaving the team. It has been fun. See everyone around. -SteelRainn
  56. N

    Top 200 Clubs

    From 2/1/01 to 2/7/01 here are how many units the teams from the current top 200 list have done. Toms Hardware: 1660 Clan Plaid #CP#: 378 Team ZETA: 296 HCC: -277 QuakeNet SETI-team: 603 Team Baitshop: 1765 Conclusion: Only a matter of time before we start burning up the charts! And while...
  57. N

    top percentage

    How many of you are in the top 1% of all SETI users? I am at a measly 89.076% Companies that = cancer ati creative lexmark micro$oft mitsumi rambu$ via
  58. L

    Improving SETI times!!!

    Improving SETI times!!! I saw on TV that using the program RAMdisk or RAMdrive (or something like that) can speedup SETI times 5% to 20%. What this program dose is u can load your SETI folder into RAM and it tricks the computer into thinking it’s still reading and writing to the hard drive...
  59. I

    what machine/OS ?

    Hi, I wonder what machine/OS people are running seti on. I use a AMD K7 600@721Mhz with Linux running 8 (!) parallel text seti instances. This way there are enough WU's for 3-4Days and I don't have to care. Maybe there's a minor performance loss due additional scheduler work, but who cares -...
  60. S

    New version of Seti spy

    There was a new version of seti spy relesed today. Not too many changes but I thought I would let you all know. You can download it from: <A HREF="http://pages.tca.net/roelof/setispy/default.htm#download" target="_new">SETI Spy Web Page</A> And the changes are listed at: <A...