Looking for a gaming LAPTOP from 1200$ to 1800$.

Shreyas Dutt

Mar 12, 2013
I was looking for a gaming laptop between 1200$ to 1800$. I will want to play battlefield 4, battlefield 3,GTA 4 with graphics mods, crysis 3,metro last light,fifa 13 and 14 at high or ultra settings.I saw some maingear laptops which were just amazing.I want atleast 8 gigs of ram ,intel core i7 fourth gen processor. I cant decide which graphics card is good for me so please recommend me a good graphics card.A hdmi port is a must. A 1080p monitor is also a must.
PLEASE NOTE: ssd will be better than traditional hard drive cause i have an external 1tb hard drive and i can increase my budget by 100$-200$ but please try to find laptops under 1800$s.