Looking for a new phone!


Mar 10, 2013
my nexus 4 is taking its last breaths!

here are my needs:
a beautiful big screen , bigger = better im a huge guy
fast and good graphics + SoC ! i play high graphics games and do some calculations, might write some Fractal app for android :) i need that performance :D

#### Important : good custom rom rooting support in xda-ect
good battery life, but if its still really good phone, i can bring charger+portable power bank with myself :| just not worst than nexus 4 battery

LG G3 has bad performance because it has a huge resolution !
note 4 is more expensive than my custom pc + kidney + i don't feel like trusting samsung again anytime soon....
htc one m8 has small screen !but i don't care if it has a huge body, i got huge pockets ! i feel its too small :) and not really special
z ultra is old and doesn't have a great screen/ppi !!!
z3 is expensive like hell!

im not sure how i feel about g2 being old + i don't like lg skin, :|