Looking for a way to decrease the fan sound of my laptop. Nothing has worked for me yet


Feb 19, 2017
I have read few of lifehacks how to lower the voice of laptop fan but nothing have worked for me.
I have checked the processes and everything was low, cleaned the fan and got a bit of dirt out of it.
Installed malware, piriform cleaner, driver talent and speedfan to see if any helps but nothing seems to work.
When I first bought this laptop, to activate the extra fan I usually press a button to prevent over heating but whenever I don’t press it the fan used to run normally. However, out of nowhere the fan start to constantly over run and the voice is killing me. Worst of all, I played a game once and during that game, it made the fan sound disappear which was great. Yet, I ended up deleting every single game I had on my gaming laptop and in total I only had 3 games.
I’m using a cyberpower fangbook i7-5700HQ @2.70GHz, 16.0 GB RAM, NVIDIA GeForce GTX960M and have 64bit windows 10
Please advise, I hope anyone could help me with this solution as I can barely study with this messed up high sound


Feb 19, 2017
Question from Sultan_06 : "Fans sounds like a jet fighter"

Hi, im using a Cyberpower ECC01261 Fangbook EVO Gaming Laptop (Intel Core i7 2.7GHz, GTX 960M, 16 GB RAM, 1 TB HDD, windows 10), bought it last year and it was working fine. However, recently i started getting blue screen error, so updated all graphic display and it was sort of solved. Then i had another problem which is the fan, it is over running all the time even when i use nothing and its really annoying. I checked the temperature, checked if something is running in the background but found nothing. Checked for malware, viruses but all was good. So a friend of mine told me to check the BIOS settings and to adjust the intet (R) SpeedStep (tm), once i disabled it, im getting constantly to BIOS setting and when i restart or shutdown the laptop it will bring me back to the same page. I thought it was a related to it, so i immediately pressed the optimised option to bring things back to normal but didnt help.
My boot mode select is UEFI, and i can change it to legacy or UEFI with CSM. Do i try changing these or will it have an impact on my laptop performance. And why is your recommended advise.
Im not that good with laptops so i need a lot of help please
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