Looking for a wireless audio setup throughout the house...

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May 31, 2016
First off I'm a complete amateur and am just looking for some tips and advice on what I am trying to accomplish. I basically want to an audio system that will play audio from the tv, cd's, bluetooth from android phone, mp3, whatever and for the audio to play wireless-ly throughout the whole house with speakers in multiple rooms in the home.

Can you guys please give me some knowledge, advice, tips or anything that can help me going forward? Thanks.

+1 on Sonos.

In my home I have 16 in ceiling Polk speakers (18 speakers total if you include my surround center and sub) which are run by a 12 channel Episode amp and 3 Sonos connect boxes.

The Sonos connect boxes (~$349 ea) can be synchronized to all play the same thing or different things. They output to different combinations of channels on the amp which triggers on and off depending on sound...