Looking for great speakers for my laptop


Mar 8, 2016
Hi all, first of all i dont really know much about great audio setup, but now i'm looking for great speaker for my music listening..

I listen to my music collection (various genres, rock, metal, blues, folk) in flac/mp3 using my ASUS A455L laptop or with my Ipod Classic,

I did a little bit quick research, and i'm considering about getting one of these speakers:
-Audioengine A5+
-Vanatoo Transparent One
-Bowers & Wilkins B&W MM1

So what dou you guys think? *Considering my music source is from a laptop/an ipod..

Thanks before.. :)


Out of those, the JBL or Vanatoo would be my first choices, after those two I'd place the A5+ with B&W in last place.

The JBL and Vanatoo will give the best overall sound with a slight edge going to the JBLs, however the Vanatoo has better connectivity and the option of easily plugging a sub into the system whenever you decide to do so.

Keep in mind that the JBL's require a balanced input. While there are adapter cables out there results can vary, some don't have any problems, others had noise introduced. You may have to get something to put in between.

The JBL, Vanatoo, and A5+ will all play lower than the B&Ws (don't believe the 38Hz for a second).