Looking for New Laptop with Backlit keyboard


Sep 23, 2012
Hello,Looking to buy a new laptop. I know very little about them. I am wanting the backlit keyboard. I seen a few that had the color backlit keys which would be so nice, but i'm sure there's not to many of those out?? My husband just bought him a HP but no backlit. I wrote all the info down that he has on his computer. I'm wanting the same if not a lil better :) If anyone could tell me whats the best laptop to get with the backlit keyboard I would be very much appreciated. Thank you so much

a little black duck

Oct 31, 2011
There are a number of models with backlit keyboards. If you give us a few more details of what you're looking for and budget we may be able to suggest a few for your consideration. This might give you a few ideas in the meantime. >> http://computers.toptenreviews.com/gaming-laptops/
(All the model in that link have backlit keyboards)
Good luck.