Looking for Tablet


Dec 7, 2011
I'm looking to get a tablet for christmas.

Not entirely sure which to ask for.

I found one that looked interesting but not entirely sure since this will be my first table.

This one looks good, but want to make sure so I dont waste 400-500 dollars.

I'm a programmer and looking to work on android apps for the tablet... If that helps in helping me decide on what to get great :)

Below is a list of specs i'm looking for, but will consider other recommendations due to performance / price

Specs i'm looking for:
Speed: FAST!!!
OS: android 4.0 or newer
RAM: 1 Gb
Screen Size: 10+
Upgradable/Replaceable MicroSD Card
Storage: 16-32 gigs preferred
Resolution: Bigger the better
Webcam: 8 mp+ (would like a front facing and rear facing) - i understand both will not be 8 mp
Connection: Wifi only required, may reduce price..
mini HDMI : not 100% necessary but would be nice if available
Life: longer the better
Sensor: GPS/Accelerometer etc..
I have to admit that the Transformer is a nice 10.1" tablet especially since it has an optional keyboard which also includes a battery and expansion slots. I am considering a tablet so that I can study (read) on the train or when I am not at home.

However, I think that a 7" tablet might be better for me since I don't really plan to type on it for any extensive period of time and I intend on buying a new laptop either in 2013 (Haswell) or 2014 (Broadwell). I'm thinking about something along the lines of Kindle Fire HD, the Nexus 7, or Galaxy Tab 2.

I dunno... I don't want to spend money on something just to end up not using if it cannot cut it as a studying device.


Dec 7, 2011
This device isn't intended for "studying" since I have a laptop and a desktop already.

The laptop for out-of-state travel ... doing group study/programming work on campus

while my pc at home is geared for gaming/programming/animation/everything else..
Yeah, I know what you are say. I guess I interjected my probably usage for a tablet.

In any case, if you want to develop apps for Android Tablets, then it's a good idea to have one so that you can test the apps while you are developing them. The keyboard for the Transformer makes that tablet very versatile so it would be a huge selling point for me if I was looking for something in that size.