Looking to buy a laptop end of 2016


Sep 18, 2012
Hi everyone,

Been scouting for a laptop to replace my old chunky Vostro 3350 end of this year.

Here's what I am looking for:
- Long battery life - at least 6 hours of everyday office use
- will be use to build website (HTML, CSS, PHP) and light duty photoshop
- light gaming - the only game i play is SC2
- between 13" to 15"
- FHD (1920 x 1200)
- don't need touch screen, CD-ROM
- lightweight - don't have to be ultraportable. Can be between 3-4 lbs
- price range - 1200 USD
- SSD wise - i have my own 512 SATA SSD which i can replace the HDD.

- good international warranty - i might travel to developing nations. Dell was good to me and still support my laptop while i was in Uganda.

- i am not sure if i need a dedicated graphic card. It will be nice if i have one :)

Thanks for your help!