Looking to buy a new smart phone


Hello Everyone,

I am thinking to buy a smartphone or android device. I have a Sony Erricson Xperia Play right now which I have loved having for about 3 years now. I want to buy something more up to date. I don't want to give up the gaming controls, so at the moment I am stuck between these two:

IBEN L1 $150

CPU: Allwinner A31 Quad-core 1Ghz
GPU: PowerVR SGX544MP2
Display: 7" 1280x800
Internal Storage: 16GB
External Storage: Up to 64GB SDXC
Network: 802.11n, Option WCDMA (None yet released)

JXD S5800 $130 (On sale, normally closer to $160)

CPU: Mediatek MTK6582 Quad Core 1.3Ghz
GPU: Mali-400MP2
Display: 5" 960x540
Internal Storage: 8GB
External Storage: Up to 32GB SDHC
Network: 802.11n, 2G GSM, 3G WCDMA

In all seriousness, I haven't had a cell phone plan for 2 years now, I just have been using my phone when I have WI-FI to make calls. I don't really see myself getting a cell phone plan in the near future cause I always have WI-FI every where I go.

What I want to know is, what are modern phones like? I am trying to get a good general idea before I buy. I don't want my device to be already very out of date when I buy it. I am not worried about future proof, because I consider none to be future proof, but at the moment I want it to be good. I kind of worry the JXD is already a bit too out of date.

Also what do you think of these devices?

Thanks for any input.

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I considered it briefly, but because of greater cost all around and the extra amount of bulk the MOGA controller makes I decided it was best to just stick with something that already has controls.

I forgot to mention also the cost and specs of the devices but I think I will update the original post with that information instead of putting it in a new post.



Thank you for the suggestion. I looked up the Galaxy S5 and it seems to be a quite powerful phone, but its far too expensive for me and lacks game controls.

I decided last night, after completely breaking my Xperia Play trying to put it back together after changing the LCD (Stupid flimsy cables), that I would buy the IBEN and do without cell phone service. If I decide I do need cell phone service in the future I will just buy a chip phone to go with it since I will have the IBEN for all my gaming needs when I am on the go.

I'm hoping that while the Allwinner A31 in this device was originally produced on 40nm process to cute costs that they have since shrank it down to 32nm or 28nm. That way I can overclock it a little more than the 200mhz I know it can handle. I'm sure it will be great either way :D


Thanks for commenting in but I have already decided and will be doing without either.

I talked to several people who had the JXD S7800 phones and have found they have an astronomically high failure rate. It seemed for every 15 people I found who had owned one, only maybe 2 were still working.

I bought an Iben tablet for a while and it was good. I had fun using it and made some custom firmware for it, but its bigger than I am used to and made some thigns harder so I decided to just sell it online. I'm going without a phone for now and later I am getting just another Xperia Play to use instead as it did everything I wanted and needed it to.


Sep 6, 2014
well done,Good for emulator games. More importantly, only 133 dollars on jxd official online website