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bub sweetham

Jun 28, 2013
Hi guys, I'm looking to purchase a decent pair of ear buds or phones to use in the gym. Mine are starting to get really ratty, disintegrating foam and such. I currently have a Sony around the ear with a RCA Connector. Works fine as long as the female RCA connection is clean and wired properly. I'm thinking of getting some sort of ear bud and free myself from the wires. My problem is that the treadmills have an RCA connection, newer ones have Bluetooth, but I'm looking for something that can work with both if needed. ANY Suggestions.


You can get a nice pair or earbuds with a 3.5mm jack then a bluetooth adapter to hang off those for bluetooth. I have two of these Range is not great, when you leave the room they tend to drop out some, but they work nice, good audio quality and will make any headphone bluetooth capable.

If you check on the headphone on the left, that is what I use it with

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