Low Performance for the specs I have...


Jun 11, 2017
Hi guys,

I've been facing a problem on my new Asus laptop that is not even a week old yet.


-core i5-7200U
-Nvidia GeForce GT 940MX

The performance that I am getting out of this machine definitely doesn't match up to the specs of the PC. Tranfer speeds from a USB 3.0 HD through a USB SS port are around 40 MB/s and keep dropping to around 50 KB/s. Framerates on games is really low. I tried running Arkham City on Medium settings, and I was getting framerates consistently in the high teens and the low twenties, whereas I should easily be getting around 40 FPS at those settings. Load times on games like F1 2014 are ridiculous. This is not due to it having a HDD though, since my older laptop has an even older HDD and loads the game faster

The system in general feels sluggish when you use it. It's fine for basic tasks like browsing the Internet and creating documents, but with the specs it has, it should easily be able to run every single game I have in my Steam library(from benchmarks I have seen online for a system with identical specs)

Now, the laptop came with no pre-installed OS, so I downloaded the official Win10 ISO from the Windows website and tried installing it. It got installed as well, but was giving me the aformentioned problems. I clean installed Windows once again, but to no avail.

I took my laptop to a technician who installed Windows YET AGAIN, and the same problem persists.

I have tried removing the 8GB RAM module I installed to see if it made a difference, but nothing changed. The other RAM module is not user removable, so I couldn't try removing that one to see if that was a faulty module. I installed all the driver that came with the system as well(Intel VGA, Chipset and I/O drivers, as well as the Nvidia drivers).

I'd like some help, as the website I bought this from(Amazon.in) is not accepting a return of this product, and instead, asked me to contact Asus directly.

Any help with this issue would be greatly appreciated, as I have spent 10+ hours in 3 days just trying to sort this issue out...\

EDIT: I'd also like to add that CPU resources is not the issue sine the usage is around 1% on idle, and available RAM on idle is over 10GB. I have tried defragmenting the HDD, without any improvement in performance.


My best suggestion is to do a hdd health check just in case if it is damaged. If its not that run a memtest to see if it is memory. Otherwise run furmark and prime95 to stress the cpu and gpu. If it is not that then I would contact asus as they should be able to fix it for you as it is in warranty.
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